Demand for 2012 reach the peak LED backlight engine of growth will turn lighting

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Demand for 2012 reach the peak LED backlight engine of growth will turn lighting

Global research firm D isplaySearch the latest quarter, LED market supply and demand forecast report shows that the estimated 2011 LED usage grew 20% .2010 LED backlighting and illumination of the total revenue of $ 7.2 billion compared with 2010 and 2014 is expected to reach 127 billion U.S. dollars. The increase in demand of the lighting market is the main driving force for the LED to achieve strong growth.

At present, the main LED applications include lighting and backlighting applications, such as LCD TVs. "LED overall market demand continued to increase, but the demand for LED backlighting gradually reduced, and began to transfer towards LED lighting applications." D isplaySearch senior analyst LeoLiu the fourth quarter of 2010, 2011, in the first quarter and early in the second quarter LED backlit TV inventory high and sales slow, thus reducing the LED backlight market demand. Currently, LED backlighting applications in small and medium size LCD products, the penetration rate of nearly 100% of the mobile PC, LCD monitors and LCD TV penetration has continued to increase, but reduce the number of each LED package.

D isplaySearch data pointed out that the total demand for 2011 LED-backlit 45.9 billion. Since 2010, LCD TV LED backlight applications, accounting for 50% of the demand is expected in 2012 reached the highest value. With the reduction in the number of each LED package, the 2013 TV demand will decline slightly.

The lighting in the area, Japan is the world's largest LED bulb market, the domestic LED lighting market is rapidly warming. The National Development and Reform Commission had issued the exposure draft of the "phasing out the incandescent route map". From the point of view of the road map, this year after October 1 for the transition period, from October 1, 2012, to prohibit the sale and import of 100 watts and more general lighting incandescent; October 1, 2014, 60 watts and above prohibited; October 1, 2016, 15 watts and above prohibition. It is said that the finalization of the "phasing out the incandescent route map" was officially released on October 1 this year. To make room for the rapid expansion of the LED.

China is the incandescent lamp production and consumption country. Last year, the incandescent light output and domestic sales were $ 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion. It is estimated that in the use of incandescent lamps replaced all the energy-saving lamps, our annual saving of 48 billion kwh, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 48 million tons. D isplaySearch Analysis, 2011, China will become the largest LED street lamp market, accounting for 55% market share worldwide, but in 2014 will decline slightly to 50%.

Before in China, European Union, the United States had been made incandescent phase-out schedule. March 9, 2007, the European Union to reach an agreement within two years gradually with energy-saving lamps to replace the high energy-consuming incandescent bulbs, in 2011 the British government announced plans to completely abolish the traditional incandescent light bulbs. D isplaySearch analysis, 2011 to 2014, the pace of development of LED bulbs in China, North America and Europe will be higher than the rest of the world.

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