Delight Your Senses With The Blooming Tea Experience

By: Vikram Kuamr

Watching blooming tea being prepared in a glass teapot is a heady experience. If you are a tea connoisseur and you enjoy trying out new types of teas, you are sure to love blooming tea, not just for its distinctive flavour but also for its visual appeal. As the tea ball steeps in the hot water, the leaves and petals of the flower unfurl slowly in a stunning spectacle that can leave everyone watching it completely enthralled and rapt. As the flower Ďbloomsí it slowly changes the colour of the water from colourless to light brown. Keeping it steeped in the hot water for a longer time will give it a darker colour. Of course, using a see through container such as a glass tea pot is instrumental to enjoying this experience the way it was meant to be enjoyed. While there is no lessening of taste or flavour if the tea is prepared in an opaque container, it does not provide the visual stimulation that is such a large part of this whole experience.

So what exactly is a tea flower ball and how is it made?

A tea flower ball comprises of a blend of a dried flower with particular types of tea leaves.

Wet tea leaves that are plucked early in the morning at dawn are sewn together by hand using cotton thread. A dried flower is then placed in middle of this tea rosette and the entire thing is shaped into a form of ball. Sometimes, they are shaped in the form of mushrooms or cones. These little dried flower and tea leaf bundles are then dried and oxidized so that its distinctive essence is preserved.

Preparing Blooming Tea

Blooming teas have a wonderful flavour and taste, which make them so popular. However, more than the flavour is the actual experience of watching the blooming tea being prepared. Try it out at your next ladiesí tea party and just sit back and enjoy the reactions of all your invited guests.
The best way to enjoy the experience is to prepare the tea in a glass tea pot so your guests can see everything thatís going on. Donít forget, using a transparent container is half the fun.

Now place a tea ball into the pot and gently pour hot water over it. If you want a stronger flavoured tea, you may want to use 2 or more tea balls. After the tea ball has steeped in the hot water for a few minutes, the leaves and the petals of the flowers slowly start opening up as if the flower was blooming, hence the name Blooming flowers.

As the leaves and petals open up, the tea leaves also start infusing the colourless, tasteless water with its own unique flavour and coloration. The whole spectacle makes for a brilliant conversation piece.

You can get flowering teas in an array of flowers. Each variety has its own distinct charm and flavour. Some of the more common flower varieties include jasmine, chrysanthemum, lily, peony and rose. In addition to flavour each flower type also offers its own distinct health benefits.

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