Define Indulgence with Luxury Homes in Palm Springs

By: James30

You were not born with a silver spoon, as the saying goes, but, modesty aside you know you come from a family that’s considerably well-off. You grew up in an impressive seven-bedroom house – even though it’s basically just you, your parents, and a golden retriever called Dover who lived there. Add to that the fact that the three-storey building – yes, it’s a building – was located in one of the city’s most posh districts also makes a lot of statement.

You went to some of the best schools in the country from preschool all the way to university, and when it was time to pursue graduate studies and doctorate program, you decided to take them in the UK and Australia, respectively. Trips abroad were frequent, whether you were with your family or traveling with your friends. It was shopping with your mom in Paris one time, a cruise to the Caribbean with your dad the next. It was a food trip to Rome with your best friends for your birthday, followed by a surprise tour to Venice from your boyfriend.

It’s not hard to admit that you’ve had a very blessed life, and one that many people only dream of having. However, it doesn’t mean you grew up sheltered and pampered like you know some of your colleagues and friends are. You like making your own choices and sticking with your decisions. The results haven’t always been rosy – in fact, a lot of times they landed you in hot water – but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You like taking control of your life and not letting other people, even your parents, decide for you. The decision to double major in finance and accounting in college was totally your choice, although your close relationship with your dad may have had something to do with it. Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve had an affair with numbers, and there were very few things that thrilled you more than getting the newest model of calculator for a present. Your interest in math didn’t wane as you grew up, until it made perfect sense to study something related to numbers when you got to university.

But that was many years ago, almost a decade, in fact. Now you’re an account manager for a respected multinational financial firm in the city, and you couldn’t be happier with your choice of career. It’s challenging and exhilarating – everything you love in a job. What weighs in your mind at the moment is the choice for a house. You’ve finally come to the point wherein you’re more than ready to give up your chic two-bedroom apartment. It’s time, as your mom says, to choose something “serious.”

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