Decluttering Your Children’s Rooms

By: Julien Raynal

Children’s rooms can be a challenge to keep clean and organized. Most children don’t mind the mess, and in fact seem to enjoy the obstacle course that their mess creates. Take advantage of your child’s adventurous spirit and organize the room by giving them tasks they like to do and enjoy. Make the mess in your children’s room work for you. Instead of frustrating yourself cleaning the room by yourself, find a way to involve the children in the clean up process. Use your children’s love for fun, games and adventure to find ingenious ways to organize their room.

Children like to throw things: Create a corner basketball area in your children’s room with a hoop hung over a toy chest. Reserve this toy chest for soft toys like stuffed animals. Children can practice taking basketball shots to the toy chest while putting their toys away.

Children love games. Make a game out of putting away toys. Buy color storage bins and have your children keep toys away by matching the color of the toys to the colors of the toy bins. Don’t use bins with lids, they become a part of the clutter that you are trying to get rid off.

If you have children sharing a room, purchase toy boxes for the children. Have a friendly competition to see who fills the toy boxes the fastest. Toy boxes can be used to store toys that are bulky, like your child’s collection of legos, or puzzles.

Shoe bags hung over the door can store small toys. The advantage of the shoe bags is that children can see through and they can see the specific toy they are looking for. A child will rummage through a toy chest looking for a toy taking everything out before settling on what they want. This creates a mess. Therefore, see through containers in your children’s room can be invaluable.

Children bring a lot of papers from school. You can use toy boxes to collect the projects that are worth saving for memories sake. At the end of the school year go through the toy boxes and create a memory book of some of your child’s achievement from the school year.

Create a wall of art to display some of your child's artwork. Make it a monthly task to change out the artwork. Store the rest of the art work in toy boxes, then monthly go through the box and keep the pieces that are worth keeping.

Storing stuffed animals in your children’s room can be a challenge. In our home, the population of stuffed animals tends to increase exponentially. At the end of the year, the children pick out a couple of stuffed animals to donate to the doctors office Christmas tree gift program. This make them feel good. You can set up a small indoor tent in the children’s room for play and storage purposes. You can find these tents online at an affordable price. Store the stuffed animals in the tent when they are not being played with. This cleans up some of the clutter. We also place blankets in the tent. The kids enjoy this as they see the tent is the stuffed animal’s home.

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