Deciphering the Myths about Chemical Peels

By: Arran Carper

Among different treatments in the esthetic industry; chemical peel is usually seen in bad light. Many people try to avoid going through this treatment – Their fears and apprehensions stems from the myths that are usually associated with the word Chemical.

One should always remember that it is just like any other advanced skin treatment, which has its own risks and benefits.
If done by some exceptionally well-trained professionals, the benefit of the treatment overshadows the risks.

There are numerous misconceptions associated with chemical peels at Virginia Beach and so it is really important to decipher the myths to understand whether this treatment will benefit you or not.

Myth #1
Chemical peels requires a hell lot of downtime

People usually link chemical peels with badly burned skin and sheets of falling skin. It is generally occurs due to use of chemical peels most commonly known as phenol. However, nowadays they are not used often, instead these days laser treatments are applied which provides deep resurfacing of the skin with almost zero side effects and lesser downtime.
Moreover, there are different types of peels available – Some of them are very mild which suits sensitive skin and have no seemingly visible exfoliation or downtime. Other are the deeper ones which are comparatively stronger and can leave a visible sign of peeling and some degree of redness.
Myth #2

Chemical peels can be even done at home


No, just because some peels are easily available on-line or at the local drug store, it does not mean that you can and should perform it on your own at home.
Being untrained, one cannot realize the amount of peel to be used and apparently end up with disastrous results that would make you regret.

You may cause some serious and irreparable damage to the skin, which includes problems like hyper or hypo-pigmentation and even scarring.

Remember, the peels whether they are mild or deep, they should only be performed by some medical professionals or qualified estheticians. The treatment is not just applying the peel, it has to be followe4d by a medical procedure.
Myth #3

Chemical peel is a one-time process


It is true that the peels usually repair noticeable damage which appears on the surface of the skin, but they are not effective when it comes to repairing of the irreversible damage caused due to sun or other factors associated with aging.
Getting the treatment once gives very obvious results to the skin, but it requires to be done on a consistent basis to see the best outcome.

It more or less depends on the amount of damage on the skin; you may require several treatments. Most importantly, one also needs to take care of the treated skin to ensure the results last for a longer time.

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Here the author focuses on demystifying some of the common myths which are associated with the advanced skin of treatment of Chemical Peel at Virginia Beach.

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