Debt Settlement Programs – A Simple Way To Debt-Free Life

By: John Legrow

Debt settlement program or debt settlement reduction program is an effective way to get rid of debts. In this system you make reduced payments of your debt. Therefore debt settlement program or debt settlement reduction program can always be a favorable choice for you.

What Is Debt Settlement Program?

A debt settlement program stands for an agreement between your debt settlement agents and your creditor. This agreement can be made if you are unable to fully meet your debt obligations. As per this agreement your creditor will cancel part of the debt. And you will repay only the remaining part.

Situations Where You Can Using This System

You can use debt settlement program if you are unable to pay back the entire amount but do not want to file for bankruptcy. Some of the situations where it can happen are as follows:

● You have lost your job and have no other source of income. But you still have bills (telephone bills, electricity bills, etc.) to pay.

● You had bought a property (for example a house) against a bank loan. You have some financial troubles of late and having difficulty in paying the interest.

● You had taken a loan from the bank for entrepreneurial venture. Your venture has failed, leaving you unable to repay the loan. But you are legally bound to pay back the amount.

● Your spouse has had a major operation. And you owe an astronomical amount to the nursing home. It is an amount you are unable to pay.

How Does Debt Settlement Program Work?

Debt settlement reduction program involves negotiating with your creditor/s for reduction of your total debts. The common practice is to hire a debt settlement company to handle the negotiation.

But why should your creditor accept a lower amount? Because he is unlikely to get anything if you file for the bankruptcy. So the better option for him is to negotiate the amount.

You will make a monthly deposit into a “settlement account” during the settlement process. That will eventually be used for your debt repayment. Your debt settlement firm will start negotiating as funds begin to accumulate in the account. You will pay the creditor the amount agreed upon directly from your account. You are free once the payment is made.

Debt Settlement Eligibility

Generally only unsecured debts (credit cards, medical debts, etc.) can be negotiated for settlement. Secured debts (home, car, etc.) can not be negotiated. This is because the creditor can repossess the item purchased with the credit issued to the borrower.

Benefits of Debt Settlement Program

Some benefits of debt settlement reduction program are as follows:

➔ Partial Repayment – You are exempted from paying the full debit.

➔ Avoiding Bankruptcy – You are saved from filing for bankruptcy.

➔ Relief from Creditors – The creditors will stop calling you being notified that you have hired a debt settlement firm.

Ideal Way To Choose A Debt Settlement Program Firm

Some common ways to decide the efficacy of the firm:

The Service Cost

The service cost must be affordable and realistic within your monthly budget. Do not join the program if you cannot afford it. It will worsen the situation.

Service Guarantee

Check whether the company offers any service guarantee. If yes, then what is the guarantee? In case the company fails to get settlement on your debt, you do not need to pay any fee. And you will get full remand if you have already paid the fee.

Are There IAPDA Certified Debt Arbitrators?

Check whether they have IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators) certified debt arbitrators. IAPDA certified arbitrators have a sound understanding of related laws. Besides, they fully understand your current financial situation.

Is There Any Bankruptcy Assistance?

Check whether they offer any Bankruptcy assistance is debt settlement does not work out. For example, some firms offer a refund of some of the program costs to help pay for a bankruptcy attorney of your choice.

Local Chamber of Commerce Membership

Check whether the firm is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. If yes, then ensure that the Chamber concerned is an accredited member of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Better Business Bureau Membership

Check whether the are member of Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can inquire with the BBB first.

So you can find that debt settlement program offers you a wonderful opportunity to come out of the debt trap. And this is done without you paying the entire debt. It provides you with a legitimate reprieve when you are under extreme pressure.

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