Dealing with Call Center Stress

By: Nathan Hilson

Doing the job of a call center agent can be filled with plenty of stress. Call center agents all over the world mostly in the Philippines sometimes complain about unruly behaviors which they experience in the hands of their customers. If you have ever had the experience of working in a call center, you would know that stress is always a priority on the list of issues you have to deal with at work every day. Customers, most especially the Americans are usually very difficult to deal with. Most times they display their impoliteness to their agents and racism is unfortunately, very high.
According to a website, stress can be defined as influence or constraining force exerted when a body or body parts pulls on, presses on, pushes against, tends to twist or compress another body part or body. The intensity of this force is usually expressed in pounds per square inch.
It can also be defined as a deformation produced in a body by such a force. It may also be defined as a physical, emotional or chemical factor that causes mental or bodily tension and could be a factor which causes diseases. It is also a situation resulting from a factor or factors that try to alter an existing equilibrium - job related kind of stress.
In another simpler definition, stress is the physical or emotional strain that is caused by our reaction to pressures from the outside world.

Typical reactions to stress includes irritability, tension, inability to concentrate and a whole lot of physical symptoms which include fast heart beat and headache.
Many persons suffer from stress. This can be influenced by a lot of factors. Job related activities are one of the major causes of this psychological behavior. Agents in both inbound telemarketing in the Philippines and outbound telemarketing in the Philippines do encounter lots of abusive comments from their customers.
The agents are also questioned and berated about their capacity to deliver technical solutions requested by their rude clients. The foreign customers will say that they are not contented, You Filipinos suck! Or You Filipinos fu**! Unfortunately, this happens to be the reality in the call center industry and beyond. Although employees of call centers in the Philippines do receive attractive pay packages, they are daily bombarded with huge stress-related psychological problems.
A greater number of dissatisfied customers received by the agents within their working hours cause a lot of stress to them. Why is that? This is because an agent may become weary of receiving call and begin to think that the next call might turn out to cause the same kind of situation like the previous callers.
Interestingly, immediate attention can be given to stress so as not to allow the situation get out of hand. Many call center outfits provide a variety of solutions to ameliorate the stress which their agents go through in the hands of customers who prove difficult to deal with. Facilities such as yoga, fitness clinic, entertainment room, sporting room and a massage session can assist agents in overcoming stress.

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