Data Recovery Software: A Solution Every Computer User Needs

By: Leonard Cooper

You realize it the moment you click the "Empty" selection. Something important was accidentally placed in the trash on your computer, and you emptied that trash. Now that file is gone. Chances are the only thing on your mind is data recovery but if you don't have a reliable program that can restore the lost file quickly it might be too late.

Getting Back What You've Lost

Whether it's a photo from your recent family vacation or a document you've been working on for school or work, you can't afford to lose an important file like that and not try to get it back. Most people don't realize there is a window when the data can be recovered as long as you have the right tools for the job. Windows won't take the file off the hard drive; instead, that part of the drive can be written over by other data. That means if you can take action before the data is written over then data recover is possible. The question is what tools do you need to make this happen?

Of course, you might not always be interested in data recovery. Sometimes you want to permanently remove certain files from the hard drive. In most cases, you'll need a separate tool to make that happen. But do you really want to have that many programs being purchased and installed on your computer? Don't you have better ways to use your available hard drive space?

The good news is that if you need data recovery or if you want total data removal then you can finally find a program which will provide all of the services you need.

The Solution You've Been Waiting For

When it comes to data recovery, one of the best options is Smart Data Recovery ( While the program can help you get back those emptied files from the trash on your system, it can also help you recover files that were lost due to damaged hard drive or file systems that were corrupted. But what if you don't know much about that lost file except that it's important? With this software, you don't have to even know the file extension. You can search for different categories, such as pictures or documents, of files.

If you're worried that you won't be able to recover the lost file using the Smart Data Recovery software, you can check beforehand using the built-in preview feature. When the file is able to be previewed, you will be able to recover the data.

Additionally, Smart Data Recovery ( can wipe away unwanted files permanently if that's what you need instead. Random data is saved onto the data you want to disappear. That way you know for sure the data is gone and can't be recovered. This is a great idea if you are planning on selling your computer and want to erase any indicators of your personal information.

Whether your goal is data recover or permanent data removal, Smart Data Recovery is the solution you need.

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