Dance Videos are Educational, Fun, and Great Exercise

By: Chris Robertson

The world seems to be divided into dancers and non-dancers. To the chagrin of women everywhere, men often simply declare that they don't dance. These guys don't understand that men who do dance have a secret weapon in their dating arsenal. Let's face it: women are enamored with men who enjoy dancing.

Aside from the gender divide, there are people who seem to have a natural sense of rhythm and people who don't. We've all witnessed people on the dance floor who can't seem to keep time with the music, or who cause us to look away when they begin their "signature move." Shudder.

There are any number of reasons why people can't or don't dance. Many times, they're just not used to expressing themselves through movement. They may be disconnected with their bodies, and have never experienced the joy and satisfaction of feeling the beat and moving to its rhythm. They might be self-conscious and want to avoid drawing attention to themselves because they fear being ridiculed. Or perhaps they simply don't know how to dance.

Learn to Dance without Fear

For those who can't or don't dance, dance videos can open up a wonderful new universe of self-expression - without the fear. For example, a person can buy a dance DVD and learn to dance in the comfort of his or her own home, away from prying eyes. A couple can practice together in the living room, either in conjunction with lessons or instead of lessons. Over time, non-dancers will realize that dancing is nothing to be feared; the only objective is to enjoy themselves.

There are an amazing number of dance videos available on the market today. Whether you're looking for a hip hop dance video, a ballet video, a line dance video, or a ballroom dance DVD, you'll find a variety of dance videos to suit your taste.

Expand Your Horizons

For those who already love to dance, dance videos can serve as an introduction to a greater variety of dances. For example, maybe you've always harbored a secret desire to learn clogging, or want to express your sensuality through belly dancing. Perhaps you want to feel the Latin heat, and are ready to learn flamenco or salsa. Or you may want to go retro and learn to swing dance or to do the Lindy hop.

If you love dancing, you'll find that dance videos open up a whole new universe of delight. You don't have to wait for a class, or if you're in a class, dance videos can help you practice between classes.

Dancing is Great Exercise

If you want to get into or stay in shape, dancing can provide cardio benefits, as well as improve your balance and increase your stamina. Who wants to log in time on a treadmill when you can move your body to the beat? Learning to hula dance will provide a workout to muscles you never knew you had, while hip hop will get your heart rate up. In addition to dance videos, you can also find videos and DVDs that use dance as a mechanism to achieve fitness. For example, there are dance videos that use Motown moves or rock tunes as part of a specific fitness routine.

Whatever your relationship to dance, there's no doubt that dance videos can kick it up a notch. Just remember that dance is all about expressing yourself through movement and that the bottom line is to enjoy yourself.

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