Daily Care And Cleaning Of Your Persian Carpet

By: John Thackeray

The purchase of a Persian rug is most certainly an investment. After spending a substantial amount on your Persian rug, it will usually become quite a prized possession, especially if you are a collector, or even just appreciate its beauty. The best insurance for the long-term preservation of your carpet is cleanliness. Unlike other home items, a Persian carpet will usually not come with a care label. There are a few simple points to keep in mind to maintain the quality of your carpet.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether your Persian rug requires cleaning. A lighter rug with an open field will display its need for cleaning quite clearly. It will be especially difficult with a darker Persian carpet. The first indication that your darker Persian carpet needs cleaning will be the feel of the pile. If your carpet is matted and rough to touch, instead of velvety and soft, it is probably in desperate need of a clean. You can also fold over a corner of your carpet and tap the back of the rug; if any dirt or broken wool fibers accumulate below you can easily see how urgently your carpet needs cleaning.

Most people would think the simplest way to keep your carpet clean on a daily basis would be to vacuum it with a strong vacuum cleaner. This is a common mistake because the strong suction of the vacuum cleaner can pull the knots of the rug out. At most, a vacuum cleaner with a very low suction can be used only once a month. The best alternative to keeping your rug clean of dust and dirt on a daily basis is to use a hand broom. The rug should also then be moved and the underlying area can be vacuumed to ensure the cleaned rug is not placed on a dirty surface.

Every six months the rug should be beaten, to remove loose fibers and other ingrained dirt. Beating the rug entails positioning it in an appropriate place this could be draped over two chairs or on a railing. You would then need to use a carpet beater (some vacuum cleaners have one included) and hit the carpet at a strength that you feel will not damage the carpet, but is effective enough to remove any loose dirt. A traditional cane beater is usually good enough for this purpose.

Around every two years your Persian carpet will need a proper shampoo clean. A carpet that has been made by hand should also be cleaned by hand. It is not entirely safe or justifiable to the quality and life-span of the rug for it to be cleaned by a machine, unless it is a sophisticated one created entirely for this purpose. There are many professional Oriental rug cleaners who are able to clean your Persian rug in the manner which is suitable. The money spent on cleaning your rug is fractional compared to its constantly appreciating value, and the measure you are taking to ensure its longevity.

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