DIY: Carpet Cleaning

By: Jerry Marshal

Carpets add to the look of your home. They are very elegant and look beautiful when they are first laid. As beautiful as they may be, they are difficult to maintain and lose their initial elegance after some time. Even after vacuuming and cleaning and scrubbing regularly, your carpet will need more maintenance to get back its original shine.

Instead of hiring professional services every single time, you can make it a do-it-yourself project and save yourself a lot of money. You can easily clean it as well as the professionals if you have good quality equipment and cleaning products.

This article gives you a short guide that explains how you can go about cleaning your carpet using the wet cleaning methods.

First and foremost, bring out your vacuum cleaner and use it on the carpet. Make sure all the furniture that is placed on the carpet is moved out of the way. If some furniture cannot be moved away, cover the feet of that particular piece of furniture with aluminum foil or plastic sheets.

When you are using the carpet cleaning products, follow the instructions carefully. Using too much or too little of the products can ruin your carpet. It is also essential that the cleaning liquids be hot to make it more effective. Hence, it would be a good idea to add the cleaning agents to boiling water. Use a carpet rake before extraction to make sure the cleaning agents seep in.

The next thing you need is an extractor machine. Many extractor machines can wash the carpet well but cannot pull out the grime. Hence you need to find a good quality, powerful extractor which will be able to pull out both the dirt and water from your carpet. Make sure there is a gap of about 15 minutes before you start the extraction process.

After extracting as much water as possible, let your carpet dry for at least 12 hours. Once this is done, open the windows and leave the fan as well as the air conditioner on so that the carpet does not develop any wet moldy smells. If you own a good steam cleaner, you can run it over the carpet to aid the drying process.

After the carpet is fully dry, you can replace your furniture. The carpet will look as good, fresh, clean and new as it did when it was newly laid and this will reflect in the increased beauty of the room as well.

It is essential to remember that DIY cleaning of carpets cannot replace professional cleaning. What it does is delay the needs of the professional service and in turn saves you a lot of hard earned money.

This, being said, go ahead and clean your own carpet because you are bound to be more careful and meticulous than professional agencies. You will not only have the satisfaction of having been able to clean the carpet yourself but you will also make it easier for the professional service.

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