By: Warda Syed

Organization’s smooth working depends upon many factors and one of them is human resource factor. Human resource plays a vital role in achieving the organizational goals. Recruitment at every level is tough and involves screening and interview sections by the organization departments. Every level of organization has different resource needs; every management is directly involved in their recruitment to get the object of “hiring a right candidate” for job.
In the industrial sector, both organizations and job seekers benefit from the services of recruitment agencies. Mostly manufacturing sector is in awful need of manpower. They have in need in gadget, machines, tools, and in others. For retail and trading sector sales, broking manpower required. Branch banking and other finance linked services are in need of professional associates. For professional and graduates there are number of postings available online but for skilled worker these agencies are the best solution for placements. As a business owner of SMEs, he can handle concerns linked to human resource needs as he the only one who to take the pain.
Organization find it difficult to search for the candidates which the company in need of. Most significant for organizations are that they want best talent for the post they have vacant. For avoiding the same hard task organization appoint recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies contain huge database of potential applicants who apply online. From this recruitment agencies can easily short out the applicants that are fit into the requirements of the organization. Recruitment agencies reduced the cost of proper HR department cost. Also recruitment agencies reduce the cost in one aspect and on other aspect reduced time for processing for right candidate.
Recruitment agencies keep close relations with organization so that they have information of their job positions. International recruitment organizations collect all information regarding the applicant before short-listing him for the specific job. The recruitment agencies only smooth the progress of making jobs visible to candidate; make sure that right applicant keep applying for the post and complete the process from the companies limited time span. Also they assure that older applicants who are willing to transfer got better position for job globally and companies too if they want to move to other region of glob. Recruitment agencies makes sure that applicant must have focus on carries rather than changes form organization to organization in the past and future too.
Biggest challenge now days are that organizations are in need of qualitative and quantitative aspect of recruitment. Later aspect is that companies require in candidate comprises of efficiency, retention, competence, and performance. But including all efforts by recruitment agencies in recruitment they cannot even ensure quality performance of workplace the organization have. If the applicant is fit enough for job but the workplace condition are the not worthy one then this will affect the performance of the candidate. Regarding the work place condition in the real time, organization cannot balance the measurement of effectiveness in the areas of quality, time, cost, and satisfaction. For catering these conditions agencies must be neutral on the end. And can see the recruitment as the process of return on investment. For hiring theses recruitment agencies, changes and impacts are shown intensely as costs can be supervised, efficiency can be evaluated. But the potential risks of can be recognized, estimated, and contracted accordingly.
With the changes in the technology these recruitment agencies have developed themselves accordingly with the change in the environment. And lot of them have international operation on the web and provides executive job employments service to many organization. Due to their global presence they have capability and assets to take out brilliant talent from all over the world to fill in positions required.

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