Cut the 9-5 Jive and Dive to your New Business

By: Nathan Hilson

Slavery has existed for a very long time. Since man first built communities. Slaves have always, and will always, work and toil to make the rich richer. The rich cannot exist without the middle class. The best slaves are the slaves who don’t understand that they are slaves. The best slaves are the ones who toil for their rich masters, doing all the work and paying all the taxes, and think that they are working for themselves – working to make their own lives better.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with one giving up his power and working for someone else. The world needs worker bees. However, if YOU have ever had the feeling that you’re wasting your life working a job you hate to make someone else rich then maybe it is time you do something about. If YOU have ever had the feeling that you’re underpaid and that you’re salary isn’t enough then maybe it is time you do something about it.

Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur but nobody wants to leave the illusion of security a job provides, set out on their own, do a ton of work, live with the stress of not knowing when the next payday is coming, or rely on themselves. For some people these drawbacks outweigh the benefits of entrepreneurship, namely: freedom, time, and money. Freedom from wasting your life as a cattle grazing in the fields of the corporate world. Time to do what you want, when you want without a permission slip from HR. Money to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Nobody in the history of the world got rich from a paycheck. Some people are born to be entrepreneurs, some people are born to be wage slaves employees.

Having a business is like having your life back, no more 9-5 jive and no more office gossip and other negativity. However, business is not that easy you need to work hard or rather work smart so your business will grow and make a decent living on it without 9-5 slavery. You need to have business phone system installation for your own sake. Communication play a vital role in every business you need to assure that your client is always in touch. By having this kind of communication on your business you need to get reliable telephone systems installation like a telephone system in NY or phone systems in NJ.

Also using an internet connection, you can make calls all over the world as well as receive them. This is known as the VOIP system. The biggest advantage of this type of a system is that it is extremely cheap when compared to regular phone systems. The initial set up cost is lower, and the call rates are also a lot lower than standard telephone call rates. The internet phone service also allows you to host conference calls and share files at the click of a button. Chat and video call options are also available. Video chat is extremely useful if your company has many employees at different locations.

So what are you waiting for? Life is all about choices being a boss or being a slave for the rest of your life.

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