Customised Lawn Fertilisation and Natural Fertilisation Programs

By: Leo Lazich

Lawn Mowing CranebrookA green, healthy lawn is every gardener's dream but it's not just regular watering and mowing that will give you the best results. Fertilising the lawn at the right time is equally important for a thriving lawn. Besides, each lawn is different. Customised lawn fertilisation and natural fertilisation programs are necessary to address each lawn's individual needs.

Benefits of natural fertilisation programs

Natural fertilisation programs or organic fertilisation is an environment-friendly way to replenish the soil and improve its quality. Plants grow healthier with natural fertilisation because it strengthens their roots and enhances their natural defence systems allowing them to fight diseases. Natural fertilisation is not only wonderful for the grass, it is altogether safe for everyone, including you and your pets.

Slow releasing nutrients from natural fertilisers help to strengthen the root system of the plants and grass so as to improve overall growth. Most folks who prefer to opt for natural fertilisers for their lawns make it a part of their regular yard care routine.

Fertilisation some considerations to keep in mind

If you use chemical fertilisers, over-fertilisation can sometimes kill the grass, creating bare patches. Excessive fertilisation is not only bad for your lawn but is also harmful for the environment. In the lawn it can cause the thatch to build up leading to an infestation of disease-causing organisms while the run off from an over-fertilised yard may damage the surrounding shrubbery and wildlife. On the other hand, too little fertiliser will not help lawn growth.

Why have a customised lawn fertilisation program?

With fertilisation, there is no general rule that suits all lawns. As we said earlier, each lawn has individual needs. When your lawn should be fertilised and how often depends on several factors.

One of them is the type of grass growing in your yard. Different varieties of lawn grass need different fertiliser treatments during different times of the year.
Secondly, a lot of your fertilising schedule depends on the prevalent climate.
The state of your lawn also determines how often you will need to fertilise it.

A customised lawn fertilisation program is designed to meet unique requirements of a particular lawn so as to bring out the best results.

Getting a lawn into good shape and maintaining its health requires a professional touch. Correct application of the fertiliser at the right time provides the nutrition for a lush, healthy lawn. Fox Mowing NSW offers customised Garden Clean Ups Services Penrith programs that are ideally suited to your yard and garden. These include customised lawn fertilisation and natural fertilisation programs. Experts at Fox Mowing ensure that your lawn looks lush and beautiful all through the year. Find out more details at

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