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By: Neeraj Pandey

These generally brown or blacked colored moles can appear anywhere on the skin and can appear either through over sun exposure or through genetic transformation. It’s very normal if a person develops 10 to 40 moles till the age of 25 on his body. But the problem arises when they appear in large size, in groups looking really ugly. Not only this, sometimes these moles can be dangerous if they constantly change in size, color, height or shape. They may also bleed, itchy or painful, if these are the symptoms you must definitely visit to Derma Skin Klinic.

If you are suffering from an ugly big mole on your face just don’t worry doctors of this skin clinic are there for you. Shave Excision is one of the most shave treatments for such mole removal process. This is a comparatively safe and secure method and is less expensive than skin excision where the whole surgical procedure is followed and it also result in greater impact in form of scar. There is no such problem with shave excision.

Under this process, firstly dermatologist in Lucknow will numb the mole area by injecting anesthesia. This technique makes the process easier for the doctor and a person doesn’t feel any pain. In a next step doctor cut down the mole using sharp edge razor. Then they try to shape the edge of the mole and apply some chemical like aluminum chloride hexahydrate onto your skin to stop bleeding. Doctor may refer you some antibiotic to heal your wound at greater speed.

After shave excision there are some precautionary measures which are instructed by skin clinic in Lucknow you must follow those measures without any fail. Proper rest, non exposure of your surgical area to sun is some measure which will heal your wound more quickly. Although whole healing process depends on patient to patient, based on their body’s healing process. The excision area might be red for a few weeks, but will get lighter as time will pass on.

This skin clinic is well profound medical machineries laced with latest technology so as to cure our patients in topmost atmosphere and way. Our latest technological instruments help us in better ways to analyze the problem of our patients. With step by step instructions and an extreme care of doctors our patients definitely can overcome their problem in a much smoother way.

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Doctors of Derma Skin Klinic are much experienced with their profession and put their best efforts in rendering their patient a best possible treatment for their skin disease. Best skin doctor in Lucknow aims at curing their patients firstly and monetary issues are always secondary. Thus feel free, while contacting us for any of your skin problems and get treated by experienced and profound doctors.

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