Cure Muscular Weakness And Backaches Using Home Remedies

By: Alton Patrick

Back muscles need exercise to maintain strength. Back muscles and abdominal muscles tend to became weak as we grow. Muscle weakness may be caused by health problems such as low back strain of muscles. The muscles are weakened and can't hold the bones of your spinal column in place correctly. The spine becomes less stable, causing low back pain. Extreme physical exertion, falling, bending or crouching repeatedly, lifts heavy objects, emotional stress, improper posture etc. Other causes, like slipped discs, fractures, pinched nerves, arthritis, and infections.

Home remedies to cure muscular weakness and backache -
1. Put ice on your back to reduce pain and swelling.
2. Applying heat to your back only after the initial swelling has gone down.
3. Physical therapy helps to build up strength.
4. Do not stay in bed or on the couch whole day.
5. Eat nutritious foods and take plenty of calcium.
6. Avoid smoking as it decreases blood flow and slows healing.
7. Take extra care when you lift. When you lift, bend your knees and keep your back straight.
8. Muscle relaxants or the application of heat or cold and massage may help to reduce the pain.
9. Exercise helps to strengthen and stretch the back and strengthen the abdominal muscles and prevent low back pain from becoming chronic or recurring.

The herbs can provide further help for chronic joint dysfunction. Berberis vulgaris is an herb used in rheumatic disorders, sciatica and bursitis. Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) has an anti-inflammatory effects help in relaxing muscle. Black haw (viburnum prunifolia) is good for nervous system tonic and helps to cure backache during menses. Boswellia serrata reduces stiffness and pain. Bromelain (ananas comosus) is good for speeding up healing and reducing the pain. Corydalis Soldida relieves pain of all kinds. Devil's Claw is the best herbal remedy for low backache, arthritis and chronic rheumatic disorders, neuralgia and headaches. Dong Quai is useful in treating backache, cramping, muscular spasms and inflammation. Horse Chestnut is a good remedy for arthritic and rheumatic backache with heaviness, swelling. Jamaican Dogwood is good for muscular back spasms and pain, toothache or nervous conditions. Meadow-sweet is the aspirin that provides anti-inflammatory pain relief. Valerian relieves muscle spasms and contractures due to stress and tension; eases menstrual pain, colic, asthma, irritable bowel spasm. Wild Yam is the best remedy for the nervous system, uterus.

Home remedies for backache can relieve pain quickly and safely. Swelling or compression in the spine often results in sciatica. Herbal medicines are anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving. Herbal remedies relief muscle pain and repair of connective tissue and cartilage tissue. Rumoxil capsules cure pain, swelling and stiffness immediately. These capsules improve joint health by repairing damaged cartilages. These capsules make strong and healthier ligaments, hold bones forming the joints at the right place and prevent them from rubbing each other. These capsules improve blood flow and also supplement vital nutrients. The best remedy for curing muscular weakness and backache is Rumoxil capsule.

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