By: Thomas H. Lindblom

Cufflinks have been around for many many years, however not many people wear them or don't know when to wear or which style of cufflink best suites them. To get an idea of what is currently in fashion, check out the latest men's magazines; this will show you what's in and what's not in. Cufflinks have traditionally been worn by high end business men or men getting married. The variety of cufflinks on the market is amazing, everything from your conservative style to fun and outrageous designs. Cufflinks can be purchased from major department stores, men's fashion stores or simply get online and view the thousands available and order some.
If you have been given fun playful or hobby cufflinks as a present, you will most probably think - when am I going to wear these? Well generally the rule of thumb is to not wear them on such formal occasions such as job interviews or client meetings. It is best to leave these types of cufflinks to fun time in the office like Christmas parties, sporting events and other fun type functions. They can be worn to weddings, however consider the type of wedding you are going to first and the people attending and whether it would be appropriate. So the best way to judge whether you should be wearing those music note, soccer ball, funny picture cufflinks is to play it by ear, use good judgement, look at the people you will be surrounding yourself with and the situation you will be in, is it appropriate, will those people like it or be offended, all these things need to be looked at before deciding to put your playful, hobby cufflinks on.
When people think traditional cufflinks they think boring silver cufflinks with limited patterns. This is not the case, with many trendy classical designs hitting the market there is something for everyone from stripes, crystals, colours, precious stones etc. Ensure you match your cufflink to the coloured tie you are wearing or if you don't have a tie possibly your belt or shirt colour. Traditional cufflinks are best worn to interviews, funerals and special weddings were you need to make an impression. Generally if you are unsure, confused and do not know what cufflink to were to the particular occasions, play it safe and go with traditional, you can never go wrong this way, whereas if you went loud and bold, you could very well be regretting it.
At the end of the day there are no rules on what cufflinks a person should wear to particular occasions; it comes down to that person's own personality and how they would like to be represented and if that is by traditional or fancy playful cufflinks well that's fine. Cufflinks are like jewellery for a man's outfit, so choose wisely to ensure it all matches nicely.

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a href="">Cufflinksare like jewellery for a man's outfit, so choose wisely to ensure it all matches nicely.

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