Cubby houses- house built by kids

By: John Mitchell

Cubby houses have an ancient relevance where people would built a hut or some sort of house in the backyard. Usually, the term Cubby houses refer to a child’s play house where kids carve-out houses for playing. The dictionary meaning of a Cubby house points out to the house built by kids for their play and fun.

Cubby house is usually a small place which can be considered as a safe place for children. It does not require a lot of material to build it unlike the usual houses built with concrete and wood. It may also be called as a hut or a tent which is light in weight and gives a cosy feel to the kids.

The use or building of cubbies is not restricted to any place or country. In fact, building cubby houses is a lot more prevalent in places such as Zimbabwe and Barbados. The assumption is that since it does not have much of hard substances used while making a cubby house, it allows a lot of ventilation through it. This can be assumed to be one of the reasons why it is more pre-dominantly used for dwelling in the nations which have high temperatures throughout the year. Therefore, in South Africa it is as common to have cubby houses as is to have a cold glass of water.

A cubby house is also called as a cubby hole or simply a cubby. It is quiet frequently built not only in hot and humid places like South Africa but is also seen in some parts of Australia where, again, it serves as a tent or a shed house for kids.

Now days, cubby designing has also been taken up as a profession in some parts of the world. One can order and get these cubby-houses made for himself and that too, of his own design and choice. The cubbies designed at some places are not only free from harmful elements found in nature but they are also considered to be safe for small kids and pets.

While building and designing a cubby-house, certain things have to be kept in mind. The cubby houses not only have to be robust but they also should be safe and cost-effective. A lot of research is done by the people who are involved in designing cubbies and who have taken it up as their profession. As a cubby house is, in most cases, built for young kids, it has to be designed with a lot of caution, beforehand. Keeping these strict guidelines in mind, one can have a happy, cosy cubby-house built in one’s backyard and that too without spending too much on one. A cubby need not have an all-clothes or all-wood look to it; it can be built using a combination of both or even more materials which a person finds suitable for small kids. A little research on the material to be used, designs to be applied, dimensions at hand and one would be able to build a nice cubby for his kids or pets.

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