Cromolyn inhaler dosage restricts Asthma attack

By: Roger Smiths

Common signs of asthma attack:

There are many signs and symptoms that are shown up when a person is affected with asthma. Few of the signs are as follows:

• Tightness in the chest: This is because the affected person puts a lot effort to breath.
• Coughing: This is the first symptom you can notice in the person with Asthma attack.
• Difficulty completing sentences: This is because of the person’s huge effort to breath.
• Pain in the tummy
• Shortness of breath: This comes along with wheezing sound

What to do when a person gets attacked with Asthma?

• Be calm, do not get excited
• Support the affected person to sit up. Do not hug as it would be more suffocating.
• Ensure that the person inhales medicine for 2 times.
• Remove the clothes that are tight round the neck. This allows him to breathe enough.
• Reassure the person that he would be fine with a calm expression on your face.

What to do when there is no improvement?
Make sure that the person inhales the medicine for atleast 1 minute for every 5 minutes. Call emergency help: if you see there is no improvement, if the person exhausts more or if the person lips and nails become blue.

Cromolyn is the artificial compound that is used to treat patients suffering from Asthma. Cromolyn inhaler is used to inhale the medicine to prevent asthma attack. This medication was approved by FDA in the year 1973.

Get emergency medical help if you notice any of the symptoms related to an allergic reaction like swelling of eyes, lips, face, difficulty in breathing and sometimes swelling of throat also occurs.

Call your doctor immediately if you see Cromolyn inhaler side effects like: rashes on the skin, numbness, joint pain, fever, muscle weakness, tightness in chest and bruising. The less serious side effects include irritated throat, bleeding of the nose, and pain in the stomach, vomiting and sneezing.

Do not use Cromolyn inhaler to treat asthma attack that already started. It will not work fast enough. Use only the medicine that acts fast on the asthma attack.

The Cromolyn inhaler dosage recommended by your doctor varies depending upon factors like severity of the condition, your age and other medical conditions. Do not adjust the dosage unless your doctor specifically instructs.

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