Credit Repair Guide To Quickly Improve Your Credit Score

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Credit Repair

Actually no credit is almost as bad as bad credit. If you have never borrowed any money or had a credit card, you will have difficulty getting a loan. In this case instead of asking how to repair my credit, you need to ask how I can build a credit score. The main thing with bad credit repair is to make a conscientious effort to pay your bills on time. If possible, pay a little more than the minimum monthly payment. This not only helps to repair your bad credit, but gets the bills paid off earlier because you reduce the amount of interest charged on your account. Online credit repair help is available from all of the credit bureaus and there are even guidebooks online to help you with every step of the process.

Most people, however, tend to go overboard and let their borrowing habits get out of hand. Then the first question is "how to repair my credit". If you do avail of the advice that you find in a credit repair guide, you will find that first of all, you have to start making your monthly payments on time. Each month that you miss a payment lowers your credit score.

Credit Score

Ok, so you find yourself with a low credit score. What can you do about it? Well one of the first things to do as mentioned above is to make sure that you start paying your bills on time, as obviously the aim of this exercise is to improve your credit score and get you back in line financially.

To achieve a higher score, you have to take action to get the rating higher in order that the credit bureaus will allot to you a better score on your credit report. Your credit score will be the deciding factor whether or not you will get a loan for that new car, vacation, or whatever purpose you choose.

There are 5 main factors that affect your credit score. These five things, in order of importance, are:

1. Your Payment History
2. How Much Credit You're Using
3. How Long You've Had Credit
4. How Often Your Credit is Pulled
5. The Types of Credit You Have

The first critical step to fix your credit score is to make sure you have a good payment history. In fact, if you have a low credit score, here's a quick fix. Open a new secured credit card, use it to purchase just small, inexpensive items, and pay your bills in full each month, your credit score will improve in about 90 days. Probably the most overlooked way to immediately improve your credit score is the "how much credit you're using" factor. The best way to do if possible is to increase your credit limit.

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