Credit Card Companies For Bad Credit

By: Art Penz

Sometimes it can be very challenging to find a credit card company willing to take a chance on someone with no credit or bad credit. Though the offers may come in the mail, the eventual outcome for those with bad credit history will be a denial of credit. This can affect their future business and personal transactions for everything from renting cars to buying a home.

There are several companies that provide lists of cards that are specifically geared towards folks with less than perfect credit records. All of the cards have annual fees and fairly hefty Regular APR percentages compared to cards geared towards people with better histories. However, it allows the consumer with bad credit to begin the process of rebuilding a better record, which is worth the higher fees.

Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon, sort to speak, to help the consumer build a good credit record. Once a consumer shows that they can handle making consistent payments for six months or more, the company sends reports to the major Credit Bureaus. Setup fees, for this type of card, normally ranges from $19.99-$29.00 and an annual fee of approximately $48, the Regular APR is normally 9.9%, which is low for this type of card.

There are credit card companies that now offer no up front fees and other benefits such as Purchase Protection. They self promote as being a great credit card to use in order to strengthen your credit. They also offer periodic credit card limit increases, based on timely payments. There is an annual fees are in the price range of $39-$59 and a Regular APR of 14.9percent.

There are other credit cards that are towards consumers with bad credit history and offer the prospects of increasing the strength of your credit report. Consumers are often told to cut up their credit cards and to never use credit again, especially if they have gotten themselves into debt. A consumer with bad credit should apply for a credit card to help re-establish their credit. It is advised that once a person receives their credit card to make a purchase and to pay it off by the due date. Use the credit card at least once a month. This is showing the credit bureau that you are making an effort to improve your credit. When its time to purchase a new vehicle on credit or a new house, you would have already established your credit.

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