Creativity in a Photography logo design

By: edward fery

Photography doesn’t mean that the logo is made of photographs neither has it meant sketch of a photographic camera. But the photography logo is just like a normal logo design but with the touch of a photography company.
In this article I will be telling about these ‘touches’ of a photography logo design and the colors which play a major part in a photography logo design.
Because there are numerous firms, but if a poll is conducted than 5% will surely say they only go to ‘the following’ photography company because it has a good logo design. Although I said 5% but this can be increased depending on the societal taste and preferences.
As for me, this is just an estimate and as we all know that a customer will come to a company only once by attraction, second time he will come only by the services, support and care.
So, the basic points to keep in mind while designing a photography logo design are:
1. Take the angle and show it:
I have some very good photography logo designs in front of me. And by observing that I can say that when making a custom logo design about a photography logo, it’s better to take an angle about the logo design. And to show that angle by the reflection in photography logo design. Because photography logo design is all about showing a photographic scenario in the logo design and that can only be done by the use of angle, lenses and other things that remind a normal person about photography.
2. Using the right colors:
Some custom logo designers do not use any shape in their photography logo design. Instead they use fonts of different styles in one logo design and with different colors. And one will be surprised to see what simple fonts can do if put together with variations and altered colors.
3. Elegant design of the logo:
Some designers use different type of designing depending on the scenario, in their logo design. While the designing is not exactly related to the photography logo design, but still it can be used to sculpt the logo with more esteem towards the public.
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