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By: william benn

Creative issues… what are the creativity issues that are faced by many logo designers and why?
We all know modern logos maker also have a creative life span they cannot work all the time because they cannot give their best all the time they are humans and they need rest.
But how can you determine at what time a creative designer will be at his worst. When you can’t be sure about the outcome as the design has not been made yet. A good way of finding that is by the help of a test.
I would like to quote my own example as most of the times I am so fed up that I do not met the expectations of the company. This happens because of the over burden of work that one gets.
Neither photography Logo creator companies do not know nor do they care about the burden of their designers. What they want is the work at the end of the deadline, and if one fails to meet it, he is terminated.
This problem not only prevails in America but all over the world.
So what should be done to stop this credulous behavior and to get a better outcome to this problem?
In pilot business, a sleep of 8 hours is considered must before any flight. And if pilot has not slept for more than 24 hours he is not allowed to go for the next flight.
It should be the case with every business. Because as humans we need sleep, I know this will sound a little absurd to you and may not work, as I want it to. But in the end what we should do is to add a few points for the betterment of the logo design industry. As, if graphic industry if fails to exist in this world then think what will happen to the world, everything in the world will look boring and dull without the graphics (this give me an article idea).
Coming back to the topic:
1. Creativity issues need to be addressed: as in our company, employees sometime need a break and these issues if raised to higher authorities can influence them to take actions.
2. Serious attitude is needed on the implementation of rules for graphic industry just as rules are implemented for other industries.
These are some of the factual comments, more will be updated as time come.

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