Creating a functional Kitchen Space in a Small Kitchen

By: Julien Raynal

Kitchens used to be used mostly for cooking. In today’s world, kitchens serve many purposes. Besides cooking, the kitchen can be a center of entertaining. While kitchens used to closed off from the general home, modern kitchens are incorporated into the general living space of a home. There are ways to incorporate this function into your kitchen while at the same time creating a new kitchen style. If your kitchen is small and doesn’t boast the room for entertaining, different ways to blend in some of that functionality without busting you bank account exist. Besides renovating your kitchen and increasing its size, there are affordable options. Adding various pieces of kitchen furniture, painting with appropriate colors or decluttering are some of the affordable options available.

Increase the Seating in your Kitchen

Adding barstools or counter stools pulled up to counter tops can add to the seating availability in your kitchen. The counters can be used a breakfast counter, a homework area or a place to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea. Barstools come in many designs and style and can be chosen to suit your interior home décor. They can be simple (made with only wood) or metal with padded vinyl seats. You will have no problem finding one that matches your style. If space is limited, find barstools that can be easily stored under the counter. You can also find some barstools that are collapsible for easy storage.

Increasing Storage Room

Invest in a kitchen cart or rolling kitchen table for storage solutions. Some are custom designed to suit your particular need. As a piece of kitchen furniture, the cart can double the work area and storage area of a seating location. When coupled with barstools, this area can also be converted in a small bar when guests can sit down. Other pieces of kitchen furniture that can be used to increase storage room are china buffets and/or a pantry cupboards. These pieces of kitchen furniture can be both decorative and also functional. A small metal cart can also be used to store your root vegetables.

Increasing the size of your Kitchen Perceptually

You can increase the size of your kitchen by changing the feel of your kitchen. Paint the walls using light and airy colors. Solid white cabinets can work wonders. Darker colors tend to give a room a smaller feel. Paint the ceiling a lighter and softer shade than the wall color. This gives the increased height perception. A mirror added to a bare wall also serves to perceptually change the size of the room. Using brighter color on the walls and flooring also contributes to the airy open feeling. Use larger tiles for the flooring.

Decreasing the Clutter in your Kitchen

A cluttered space makes a room feel much smaller than it really is. If you have room, store away your least used appliances and keep the kitchen counter tops as bare and as clean as possible. A well organized and neat kitchen is welcoming. There are many books, magazines and websites dedicated to the art of decluttering. This can be the most affordable option.

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