Creating a Walking Schedule

By: Sarah Carlye

Create a walking schedule to maximize weight loss. Just randomly walking during the week will increase fitness and help weight loss. Not only can you maximize the results of walking by wearing the Stepgym shoe instead of a traditional gym shoe, you can maximize the results of walking by creating and following a walking schedule.

Doing the same thing, the same way will not always get the same results. Our bodies will adjust to a regular routine and schedule and it will adjust how the energy is burned. Our body’s metabolism will change to maintain efficient use of energy. This adjustment often causes a plateau, which is when fitness doesn’t change and weight loss stops.

An efficient walking schedule will have the following:

• One to two days off a week
• Easy walking days
• Long walking days
• Warm up
• Goals
• Motivation help

Taking one or two days off per week is important to allow the body to rest and to avoid burnout. The days off should change every couple weeks. When there are two days off, alternate separating them and taking both days off together. Varying the days off will help keep the body’s metabolism from adjusting to a specific schedule.

There is no reason to go full force every scheduled walking day. It may make it difficult to maintain a walking schedule. On days you know you are going to be busy, instead of skipping walking, have an easy walk day. The walk will probably help you to relax on those hectic days, which can increase your efficiency and improve your mood.

On days that you don’t have as much planned schedule a longer more vigorous walk. It will increase your metabolism and the effectiveness of walking. Some walkers even include light jogging on long walk days.

Warm up exercises should be part of your walking schedule. Walking isn’t a very strenuous exercise, so you don’t need an extensive warm up routine but will still benefit from one. Light stretching afterwards can be helpful also.

Set goals for walking. Start out easy and as you become more fit and loose weight, increase the days, length, and pace of walking. Write down your goals and evaluate them regularly.

Stay motivated while walking. Include walking variations like walking with family, friends, or a dog regularly. Join a walking club or compete in a race. Get in shape to participate in a fundraising walk.

Whatever your walking schedule is, you can increase the benefits by wearing the Stepgym shoe. Order yours today.

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