Creating Grant Application with Character

By: john penn

Grants officers receive thousands of applications for funding requests. So it is just normal that some applications for funding may not get noticed while other proposals can catch the attention of reviewers. Writing grant application is not a hit and miss effort. Most consultants will tell you that writing a project proposal to get Canadian government grant should be treated as a work of art. You need to submit compelling application proposals so that the grants reviewers swill pick up and read your business plan. Once your proposal gets picked up, then you will have greater chances of securing a government grant or loan.

Although writing grant proposal is a work of art, it does not mean that you will veer away radically from the standard business proposal writing. You still need to be as professional in your letter as possible while giving the proposal a unique character. So the first thing you should do is to keep to the facts of your project. Provide data and figures that will support your assertion that the proposed project and business plan is viable, profitable, and will benefit the common good. You should clearly format your data either through a bulleted list, tabular form or by providing a matrix where the data can be understood easily.

However, providing a straightforward proposal full of numbers and figures may not always work because your grant application paper will look very dry. Remember, these grants officers are saddled with lots of proposal and they might be overwhelmed by the data that you provided in your application. So the best thing that you can do is to give a human touch to your presentation. You must not load a page with numbers. The best approach is to provide the rationale for your assertions, answer the whys and how’s of the questions at hand, and support your assertion with the necessary figures. You must also ensure that your wordings will not be full of business jargons. Bring out your unique style of writing and talk to the officer who will read the document. This writing approach will make your proposal very compelling.

It would be useful also to provide testimonial proof in your grant application. Sometimes, the testimonies of your current customers will be more powerful than the data that you will present. So if you can collect a few positive testimonials from your existing customers, it would be best to include some of them in your application for government grants. It would also help if you can include the positive testimonials of people who will indirectly benefit from your project. These are important additions to your grant proposal.

The actual testimonials from real people will give your proposal or business plan a human touch. So it is very likely that your application will get a positive review from the grant officers. So when you write your business plan or project proposal, you should always include solid facts and data. However, you need to give your application a human character also in order to increase your chances getting an approval.

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