Create a Unique Gourmet Gift Basket

By: David T.

Gift baskets are an easy and fun idea for many occasions, but rather than giving the same old basket found at many retailers, why not give unique gourmet gift baskets?

Gourmet gift baskets are wonderful gifts for many reasons.

1. They are easy to customize. By including a personal gift among the gourmet peanut butter and fruit cake, it is possible to add a personal touch that will make the gift even more appreciated.

2. They are convenient. Gourmet gift baskets do not need to be wrapped. They are attractive enough to be put under the Christmas tree or even used as a centerpiece.

3. Gourmet gift baskets are recyclable. In these days of "thinking green", gourmet gift baskets can easily be reused. The basket can be used to hold flowers, candy or knick-knacks. Filler materials can be used for other packaging. Extra pieces such as spreaders and glassware can be used at future special occasions. Of course, the delicious food can be savored over time.

4. Gourmet gift baskets also introduce recipients to products they may have never considered. Those who have not tasted peanut butter since elementary school may not realize that gourmet peanut butter tastes vastly better or that there are many varieties of peanut butter. Likewise, gourmet chocolate tastes so much better than the candy bars found in the nearest vending machine.

5. Gourmet gift baskets show the giver pays attention to the recipient's tastes. A gourmet chocolate gift basket is a great way to show a chocoholic appreciation.

6. Gourmet gift baskets for corporate giving show just the right touch of appreciation. It is neither too personal nor impersonal. Everyone eats so a gift of top-quality eatables is sure to be used. In the event that a corporate gift basket containing gourmet peanut butter is inadvertently given to an employee with nut allergies, the item can be easily and discretely passed along to someone who can enjoy it.

To make a gourmet gift basket unique, consider the recipient and the occasion. If the person has a new baby, add some baby items that fit the parents' tastes. Perhaps include tickets to an event so the new parents can enjoy an evening out. (Be sure to include arrangements for a babysitter.) If the recipient is a golfer, add in some tees, glove covers and a driving glove.The basket and filler material can use the recipient's favorite colors or corporate colors.

If the gift is intended to thank someone for successfully completing a stressful task, include chocolate, some fine wines and a stress-relieving squeeze ball to show the recipient that the extra effort was appreciated and that he or she deserves some relaxation.

There are many companies that offer personalized gift items that can be easily included in gourmet gift baskets: Personalized throws, wine glass tags, pens and other items can easily be included.

Arranging to give gift baskets is easy. Look for a company that provides a variety of high-quality gourmet items, such as nuts, chocolate and fruit cake. Arrange to have baskets delivered a few days or weeks before they are to be given to allow time to include unique gourmet gift basket items.

A gourmet gift basket retailer will be able to provide many ideas to for unique gourmet gift baskets, ideas that are both fun and practical. For the next gift-giving occasion, make it a gift basket.

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