Crafting Glamorous Curtains from Luxurious Curtain Fabric

By: Caitlin Hammond

Curtains are an essential part of any household. They have both form and function as part of any home, and both of these things should be taken into account when deciding upon what kind of curtain fabrics you want in your home.

The curtain fabrics really help to accentuate many of the features about them, as well as improve the function as you see fit. Thicker curtain fabrics, for example, block out sunlight if that is what you want your curtains to do, while a thinner type of fabric might allow light through while still creating a veil of privacy, especially good for those large ground floor windows that get a lot of sun in the first place.

When the time comes that you want to make yourself some curtains, the first thing you have to do is measure out the lengths you need. Then you pick a colour to go with the room, however you see fit, and then, finally, and perhaps one of the most important parts of the process, is figuring out what curtain fabric you want to use. There are dozens of different kinds of curtain fabrics, too many to list here though we'll go over a few momentarily. The fabric determines the style and the function of the curtains themselves, and so it has a lot of weight on the design.

There are two basic ideas when it comes to the curtain fabrics that you want to pick from. As mentioned above you have your lighter fabrics, which will allow more sunlight through and give a much brighter, homely feel to a room, and then you have your heavier curtain fabrics. These may still create that homely feel, but will block out light. Heavier fabrics also tend to soak up sound, which can help quiet a particularly loud room or give a room a more peaceful feel.

The lighter fabrics include things like cotton, silk, linen or sheer. Of course there are many more that would be considered light than just those few, so finding one that you like shouldn't be too difficult. Lighter curtain fabrics tend to draw less attention, and make for a nice and bright room. They often allow for drafts, breezes and so forth to flow through our around them, allowing for a much more airy room as well, with better temperature control. Lighter curtain fabric is definitely one of the most common choices.

Of course heavier curtain fabric has its uses as well. These include velvet, hard wearing and heavy weight fabrics, and allow much less sunlight through. These are great for blocking out the light from outside, if you live near a light post, for example, as well as absorbing sound, either from the outside or the inside, giving the room a more peaceful quality. Most importantly they are great for filling the space around a window if there is no furniture there, as they carry weight in many different ways. Whether you choose them or choose lightweight curtain fabric is up to your own preference.

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Making curtains can be a great alternative to simply buying them as is from a shop. This article explores the different styles of curtain fabric available and their many benefits.

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