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By: Adrian Rocker

Tea is a common beverage appreciated in most parts of the world. A morning cup of tea sees us through the day while the tea aficionados would demand a few cups more. If you want to make the tea drinking session an experience, then think beyond steeping tea leaves in hot water. Tea leaves nowadays are available in various forms blended with exotic flowers and preparation of tea is as much an experience as drinking tea is. Flowering tea or blooming tea is gradually gaining popularity with tea lovers as it is nice to look at when the flowers bloom out on steeping. Using a glass tea set lets you see the flower opening up and the entire effort is a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Each bundle of blooming tea consists of a bunch of dry tea leaves around one or more dry flower. The set of tea leaves and the flower is wrapped in a bunch and then left to dry. Such bundles have a distinct aroma that gives a nice flavour to the drink. The tea looks exotic in a good quality glass tea set. You can watch as the tea leaves slowly open up allowing the flower inside to unfurl gently. The flowers blend well with the colour, taste and flavour of the tea.

The primary source of blooming tea is Yunnan, a province in China. Flowers that are mostly used to craft this type of tea are chrysanthemum, lily, jasmine, hibiscus, globe amaranth, osmanthus and so on. Each of these flowers has a distinct fragrance that perfectly fuse with the aroma of the tea leaves producing a soothing concoction. The conventional tradition of serving tea has remained more or less unaltered though there has been some subtle changes brought in to enhance the tea drinking experience. Glass tea sets look beautiful and the clear light green or yellow coloured drink looks even more surreal as it catches the sun while being poured out.

Glass tea sets can be of a variety of dimensions and is usually hand blown. The shape and size of the container matters as perfect blooming will depend on it. The bottom of the container should be wide enough to allow the blooming tea to unfold properly. A proper sized teapot gives a mesmerizing display when the flowers unfurl gradually. Since the tea bundles can be reused two to three times, they are economic and cost effective.

Taste a few blooming tea flavours to choose the ones you like best. There are many online shops that can even guide you to pick up the right flavours. It is by now clear that such kind of tea is best brewed in glass tea sets and the shops are well aware of it too. You can pick up well-designed glassware from them and need not look elsewhere. Your order will be safely reached to you and in case of any damage in transit you get a refund. They also have an easy return policy in case you are unsure of any flavour. Experience the taste of quality tea in a beautiful tea set and feel magically refreshed.

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