Craft Classic New College Logos with the Right Images, Fonts and Colors

By: rita summers

How important is it for a college to have a logo?

Extremely important!

An official educational emblem is a design that is commonly recognized by the students, alumni and society for their distinctness. A college logo can be a symbol to represent the school’s spirit, sports and traditions.

A well defined educational brand mark needs to be classic and timeless.

Let’s have a look how you can design new college logos with these great ideas:

1. What images should you use?
The most basic feature that an educational institute offers is knowledge so try to come up with images that represent that. Images of books are an obvious choice that is commonly seen but you can also use an image of candle, torch or inked feather. You can also use illustrations of mythical creatures like phoenix to give a classic touch to the emblem. Another great idea is to pick mammals from your locality’s history and use that to symbolize your symbol. You can also use an image of a lighthouse or lotus flower to represent knowledge. Just make sure that you use only one central image in your design otherwise it will become confusing and complicated for the viewers.

2. What fonts should you use?
The only rule to remember here is to make sure that the fonts are easily readable. It is also advised that you use straight fonts for your emblem as they are more formal and professional and symbolize knowledge and power. Script fonts have a tendency of looking a bit informal and fun loving which is not exactly the message that an educational institute wants to give. Furthermore, using thin fonts as compared to thick ones can make the mark look elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

3. What text should you use?
Many educational marks contain small phrases related to knowledge and power which adds a touch of class and can be a great forum to represent your college motto. Latin is one of the oldest languages of the world and has been known to contain a lot of literature from the medieval times. You can use scriptures regarding knowledge from there for your sign. Using a historical language for your design will add an air of mystery and tradition to the image. You can also refer to other old languages or use small quotes in English related to knowledge for your sign.

4. What colors should you use?
Whatever colors you choose for your college logos free should be single solid colors. Don’t use gradients or different shades for the sign as that will look tacky. Use strong solid colors like crimson, dark blue, green or brown as they show confidence, authority and capability.

So there you have great ideas for using the right colors, fonts, text and images for an emblem that will make its bearers proud.

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