Cost Benefits and Environmental Benefits of San Diego Metal Recycling

By: Fred Hoffman

Recycling has become an important trend worldwide primarily because of two key reasons – (1) to reduce cost and (2) to prevent pollution and save the environment in the long run. Recycling has been popular for yet another reason to stop the excessive use of a natural resource and prevent it from getting extinguished from the earth completely. Many products get recycled on a daily basis including clothing, computer and its accessories, cars, batteries, and so on. Of late, metal products industries have understood the importance of recycling large pieces as well as scrap metals to save on cost and prevent environmental pollution.

According to a report published by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), metal recycling can cut harmful greenhouse gas emission by 300 million tons to 500 million tons annually. In addition, using scrap metal over virgin ore can further help to lower mining waste by almost 97%.

While many metal producing companies find it hard to recycle metals all by themselves, what the majority of them are doing is taking the help of a professional metal recycling service provider to get benefited in the best possible way. A number of metal recycling companies operate in San Diego, USA to help organizations recycle large plus small chunks of metals including aluminum, copper, steel, bronze, lead, etc. in an eco-friendly manner. A metal dealer knows metals are of basically two types – ferrous (iron, steel) and non-ferrous (copper, bronze, aluminum, etc.) There is nothing to believe that a San Diego metal recycling company recycles only ferrous or non-ferrous metals. They are specialized to deal with both the kinds of metals to help an organization continue to use the same volume of metal over and again.

Scrap metal recycling San Diego has become a popular phenomenon. Industries that are generating scrap metals during the production phase are now successfully re-using the same amount of metal to create new products over the years. Scrap-recycling facilities have paved the way for re-using of metals. It also helps to preserve the environment at a fraction of the cost over mining. Scrap metal is cost-effective as well since you can melt and shape the metal over and again to use it any number of times without facing any problem whatsoever.

One of the primary benefits of metal recycling is that a metal will not lose its important properties while it is being re-melted and re-shaped. Thus, you can easily select an authorized San Diego metal recycling company to start the process without further delay. A number of metal recycling companies are operating in and around the region of San Diego, CA. They maintain a website which can be checked any moment to learn more about the company and scan through the customer comments to finally decide on doing business with the company.

Let's conclude this article with some interesting facts about metal recycling.

Aluminum needs only 5 percent of energy to get recycled and produces only 5 percent of Carbon Dioxide emissions compared to producing virgin metal
Recycled aluminum can save enough energy to run a television set for up to 3 hours
More than 11 million tons of iron and steel scrap are produced each year and about 70 percent of it gets recovered

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Fred Hoffman has been in this San Diego metal recycling industry for over a decade. According to him, the practice of scrap metal recycling San Diego will not only help us keep the environment clean but also make some additional money.

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