Cosmetic urge for ‘surge’

By: Mick Burrows

!P>Cosmetic surgery is now big, big business. Surgeons are making big bucks carrying out relatively simple, but highly specialised operations; and the vast majority of cases are in the name of vanity. Some instances are for removal of tattoos or scars, but often it is for the reconstruction of the face, purely because the individual is unhappy with a particular part/parts. With age the facial muscles become slacker and the skin loses its elasticity, creating folds and lines, so a facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure, which involves an operation to lift up the facial skin and underlying muscles, so that the face has a tighter and smoother appearance. There is always some scarring after a facelift, but this will generally fade over the course of a year, and can often be well-disguised, underneath the hair. Many people are discontented with the shape of their nose and this is another major earner for the cosmetic surgeons. Nose re-shaping, also known as rhinoplasty, necessitates a surgeon to make cuts through the nostrils so that visible scarring is avoided wherever possible. The nose is re-shaped by removing and re-positioning the underlying bone and cartilage. Following this kind of facial cosmetic surgery bruising and swelling around the eyes will be evident for a number of weeks. Eyelids, ears, chins, cheeks, you name it, they’ll fix it, but like anything, there are potential complications, which include wound infection, internal bleeding and reactions to the anaesthesia. In addition to these general risks, further dangers from plastic and cosmetic surgery include: formation of undesirable scar tissue; persistent pain, redness, or swelling in the area of the surgery; rejection of skin grafts or tissue transplants and loss of normal feeling or function in the area of the operation. I guess it’s down to how much you really want it and if the desire is that great, then the risks will be put to one side in the anticipation of improved appearance.

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