Corporate crystal trophies: Sparkling prizes for corporate achievement

By: Cesar Muler

An article awarded as a prize or a trophy is a souvenir of a feat or an achievement. Given officially as an honor or reward, it serves as great morale booster for all employees to perform better. Trophies are of various types, for example medals, cups, sculptures, lapel pins, ribbons and crystal awards. As a mark of recognition of the success achieved, trophies are treasured possessions by a person for as long as he lives. Corporate crystal trophies are a fashionable and sophisticated type of award to celebrate corporate excellence. The recipient of these awards would not only appreciate the recognition but would acknowledge your fine taste as well.

Latest techniques in making truly amazing crystals have created a quality that has lent a beautiful luster and lots of sparkle to it. Corporate crystal trophies can benefit from this quality of crystal that improves the overall look of the award. Fashionably designed crystals are made from luxury-cut lead glass. The technique of using an electric cutting machine which makes possible the production of crystal glass was patented in the late nineteenth century. Crystal glass causes refraction of light in such a manner to create a rainbow spectrum. The brilliance of the trophy is greatly improved with special cuts like flat backs with diamond cuts or diamond cuts on both sides. Crystal awards can also be made of crystals with varied and beautiful colors that bring a truly magical setting. You would be awestruck at the beauty and grace of such high quality crystal.

Be it a prize for corporate recognition like best performing employee, highest revenue earner, most innovative and creative employee, safety conscious or customer-friendly employee or even in acknowledgement of 20 years of service, crystal awards make for a good way to appreciate the effort of the employee. When you see the pleasure on the face of the recipient of the award, it will be well worth selecting the crystals. It is possible to create varied shapes with crystal and hence crystal trophies are much in demand. These corporate crystal trophies will stand long on your employees’ mantelpiece since they are collectible items in addition to being valued symbols of achievement.

Corporate crystal awards are perfect for employee and business partner recognition. The latest methods are used to skillfully craft the award and personalize it with your choice of engraving. Trophies are engraved with high quality laser process and expert professionals design and etch your corporate logo along with the required commemorative message. Most corporate crystal trophy manufacturing companies provide guidance on the choice of a suitable award which sends across a powerful and memorable message. Your budget is taken into consideration while making the choice.

Corporate crystal trophies are available in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and creative concepts. A range of stunning colors and looks in different artistic compositions make a style statement that recognizes an individual’s effort and at the same time serve as a beautiful piece of decoration on your shelf. Check the website of agencies that make crystal awards to choose a design that best suits your purpose.

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Crystal awards are synonymous with grace and sophistication. These corporate crystal trophies will go a long way in securing a strong feeling of solidarity among your employees.

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