Corporate Uniform or Dress Code

By: Sarah Carlye

When making sure that employees present the professional appearance that accurately reflects the corporate image that represents the corporation, a corporate uniform or dress code is usually implemented. Instead of deciding between a corporate uniform and a corporate dress code, a combination of the two can be chosen. A corporation can have the uniformity and recognition that comes with a uniform and the flexibility of a dress code.

Simply having a dress code that includes general requirements for what can be worn, is a good start to presenting a professional image, but a better choice is to include uniform pieces from a corporate uniform supplier like All Uniform Wear.

Corporate uniform suppliers will have a variety of uniform options. These options can be part of a dress code that provides some flexibility. Some of the options for corporate uniforms:

• Jacket with corporate name embroidered
• Specific color of pants, skirts, and shirts
• Casual uniform shirts

With embroidery and digital services, a corporate uniform supplier can supply uniforms that identify employees to customers. Using a uniform supplier can provide pants, skirts, and shirts that comply with a dress code while providing quality and durability. The other advantage to using a uniform supply company is that a corporate uniform supplier will have affordable prices for employees.

A uniform supplier that offers a variety of uniform types will be able to supply your professional and casual corporate uniform needs. Casual corporate uniforms are worn for the following:

• Fundraising
• Community service work
• Family events
• Reward parties

Having a casual uniform will help corporate employees stand out in a crowd. At fundraising and community events, the employee will be able to be comfortable while doing good works, as a corporate representative.

All Uniform Wear is a supplier of corporate uniforms. They also have a full line of casual uniform wear that can be affordably purchased. Digital and embroidery services are available. To find out more talk to a uniform specialist or go to

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