Corporate Seminars Need Careful Planning

By: Tekart

Businesses organise seminars for many reasons either as part of a larger exhibition event or to provide information to suppliers, key employees and customers.
Whether the seminar is part of a general business event or for a specific purpose it is important that attendees come away with the additional knowledge & information to apply later and this will be affected by a number of issues.
These include the setting, catering, accessibility, facilities required in the meeting room or rooms, and the materials that will be provided by seminar leaders for delegates to take away with them.
There are two main elements to planning this kind of event, strategic and practical.
Strategically, it is important to define the target audience and goals for the event and this will feed into making the practical arrangements for such requirements as size of meeting rooms and whether there will be a need for several unique meeting rooms so that delegates can be split into smaller groups.
If people are being asked to travel from other UK towns to the event London conference venues may be the most convenient and accessible.

Facilities for projection, displays or demonstrations in the meeting rooms need to be checked and it can also be a good idea to do a personal site inspection to ensure that the acoustics and layout will serve the purpose. People will not be able to concentrate or take in important information if there is persistent ambient noise around the room or it is not properly furnished for note-taking or the ventilation is poor, making the room stuffy. These days, also, when people are using tablets more and more, wifi access may need to be available.
It is also worth considering whether the layout of furniture in rooms being used can be altered. Depending on the nature of the subject matter it may be appropriate to arrange seating in a u-shape rather than classroom style, but whichever arrangement is adopted the attendees must be able to see any visual material and hear presentations easily.
Setting finish times and breaks for seminars can also be tricky particularly at an all-day event when people will need refreshment breaks. It can, for example be a good idea to stagger break times when several seminars are being run simultaneously so that there isn’t a sudden surge for refreshments or rest rooms.
A site inspection and discussion with the venue managers will help organizers to check such issues as accessibility and whether special dietary needs can be catered for.
The secret of successful business seminars is all in the careful choice of the venue and in the detailed organization and publicizing of the day.

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