Corneal Refractive Therapy Contact Lenses, A Less Known But Powerful Solution For Myopia

By: Emanuele Allenti

Many people wear contact lenses for short sightedness or myopia. They are a great way to correct your eyesight without having to wear glasses. Many others choose to have their vision improved by having laser eye surgery. But there is a way to make your vision better without having to start the day by putting on glasses or contact lenses and without having to have surgery.

There is such a technique called corneal refractive therapy contact lenses, not the most easily to remember name, but a great advance in eye care for Myopia. At present there are only few manufacturers making the new corneal refractive therapy contact lenses, although the product is still fairly new to the market.

Corneal refractive therapy contact lenses have been around for some time now but were never really very effective or popular. Recently there have been advances in the technique and it is now much more effective and user friendly and as a result is quickly gaining popularity.

Corneal refractive therapy contact lenses are still fairly traditional looking contact lenses but with a particular difference. They are not worn during the day when the sight usually needs to be corrected, but are used at night. This may seem somewhat unusual but is in fact a very simple idea.

These new lenses help reduce the effects of Myopia by flattening the cornea at the front of the eye slightly, so allowing light to go more directly to the cornea without being dispersed, in much the same way that glasses or traditional contact lenses do. This allows the eye to receive a much clearer image of what it is seeing.

One of the main problems with corneal refractive therapy contact lenses is that this effect doesn’t last for very long. If the lenses are not worn for a day or two the vision will start to return to its normal levels. You then have to start wearing the lenses again or the effects will totally wear off and your vision will return to its as it was before.

The contact lenses are made from a more solid material than normal soft lenses and are made in such a way that they reshape the eye while the user sleep. This may at first seem rather drastic but users of these contact lenses have said that they do not experience any great discomfort. Although the lenses can take a little getting used to.

Corneal refractive therapy contact lenses are not for everyone and some may not be happy with the idea of having their eyes reshaped and may instead prefer the more normal solution of wearing daytime contact lenses. The best person to see if they think corneal refractive therapy contact lenses would
Be a more preferable way of correcting you shortsightedness than traditional contact lenses is your optometrist.

They will be able to give you the relevant information an on the benefits and also any possible complications of having your vision helped by using corneal refractive therapy contact lenses. And also of the cost implications as this is more expensive than methods such as glasses or contact lenses.
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