Cork flooring- The green alternative

By: Vikram Kuamr

Are you thinking about renovating your existing home or possibly building a new one? If yes, chances are high that you have heard about the ‘green’ revolution that is sweeping across the world in the world of building and construction. The trend of being eco- friendly is one that has been embraced by nearly everyone all over the world and chances are high that it will even continue into the future. To contribute to being an eco friendly minded person, the least you can do is to use eco friendly products at your home. When it comes to this, cork flooring is a perfect choice that you should certainly consider.

Installing cork floors at homes or even in commercial establishments come with a wide range of benefits but the most important one is that this type of floor is a green alternative and thus eco- friendly. This makes it an ideal flooring alternative to use at every room of your home ranging from your basement flooring to your kitchen flooring and others.

Eco- friendly production

For starters, the production of cork flooring is done in a very environmental friendly manner. The process used to manufacture this type of floor is one that is done with great care to the environment and you will be thrilled with every aspect involved in its production. The process usually starts with the bark of the cork oak tree being removed and this process is usually done by hand entirely and this helps ensure minimal damage to the tree and that it continues producing more and more back. The harvesting of the bark will be done again after 9 years.

From the there, the process in which the bark is dried in order to form cork floors is 100 percent natural. Usually, the bark is usually left to dry in the forest until it can be processed further after some few months. There are some manufacturers who use the bark to manufacture stoppers for wine bottles. Grounding up of the excess cork means that material is available for manufacturing other cork products like tiles.

Eco- friendly installation

The process in which cork flooring is installed is also very eco friendly. Ideally, speaking the whole process starts with the area of installation being well prepared particularly when the installation is being done in an old house. If a floor has an asbestos base floor, this should be removed safely before the process of installing the floor commences. Floating floors should be used in some cases especially when it comes to kitchen and basement flooring as a way of countering the risk of water. Water based adhesives should also be used in the process of installation and the good thing is that these ones are also eco friendly options as well.

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Cork floors are an excellent type of flooring that is suitable for many rooms at the house. Nothing can beat cork flooring and this is an awesome option that you must consider if you are shopping for a smart type of floor.

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