Cork Floors, Wood Floors Or Carpeting?

By: Vikram Kuamr

There are many things that you can change in any room in your home in order to easily and affordably transform its look. You can change the color scheme of the walls in your home to make it appear larger in size. You can also remove and replace the flooring in your home in order to make every room truly appear different. The good news is that most flooring options available to consumers are cost effective and are also very simple to install. In fact, based on the type of flooring you choose you may be able to install it yourself.

There are many types of flooring that are popular among homeowners. Specifically among homeowners that want to increase the value of their home. One such type of flooring that is very popular is hardwood flooring.

This type of flooring can in fact change the entire dynamic of any room of your home. You can acquire hardwood flooring in many styles. You can also choose to go dark or light when it comes to the color of the flooring.

Some people claim that this type of flooring is more likely to become damaged or lose its look over time than other types of flooring. This is specifically true if you have children or pets that will be playing on the floor. Some homeowners have also claimed that this is the most difficult type of flooring to maintain and to clean.

It should also be noted that when compared to other flooring options that you may be considering, hardwood flooring is generally much more expensive. This includes the general cost of the flooring itself and the cost of installation.

Cork floors are also a very popular flooring option that you may want to consider for your home or place of business. A cork floor can be obtained in almost any style and type. This type of flooring is very soft and stays warm. It is much insulated and absorbs sound. This is great for high traffic homes or places of business as it can prevent echo.

Cork floors are also very easy to install in the home. Many people will install a cork floor on their own after viewing tutorials online in order to keep more money in their pocket. In fact this is one of the easiest types of flooring, apart from carpet that you can choose to install on your own in your home even with limited or no experience.

Carpeting is of course going to be a common option. Many people believe that this is the best option as it is the most common. That is untrue. Carpet fades quickly, absorbs smells, and is the most costly to clean and to maintain. Though it may be affordable it is not the best option if you truly want to make a big change to your home. A change that will be effective at generating the results that you have need of without breaking your budget.

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