Cork Flooring for the Modern Home

By: Vikram Kuamr

Modern homes are designed with a certain degree of sophistication and comfort. Many are fitted with advance technology such as smart homes where owners have total control with a touch of a button. However, one of the factors that define a modern home and makes it stand out from the rest is the degree of comfort they provide. That comfort starts from the floor.

Ceramic tiles and hard wood floors are starting to become products of the past when it comes to flooring materials. Studies show that hard surfaces can actually result in bad posture or worsen any physical conditions. Tiles and hard wood may provide an elegant look, but cork floors provide a perfect combination of elegance and comfort.

Elegant Designs

Elegance is a word that perfectly describes a modern home. All the furniture, appliances, and accessories are carefully picked so that each item complements the interior design. There are wide varieties of cork flooring designs available that not only provide a beautiful base for the interior design, but also complement other items in the area thereby increasing the degree of elegance in the home.

Outstanding Features

Cork floor tiles have features that no man-made products can provide. For instance, cork is soft yet durable. It acts like a cushion for the feet making walking around the house barefoot a pleasure. Cork is also an excellent insulator of heat so walking on cold surfaces becomes a thing of the past.

Another feature that makes cork flooring stand high above the rest is that it attenuates sound thereby providing endless hours of total rest to the residents. In a way, cork floors have therapeutic properties because they also resist the build up of mold, mildew, and bacteria, thus contributing to the overall health and wellness of everyone in the home.

Improved Safety

Fire is a major concern for any home and many home products are designed to be fire resistant. Cork floors are naturally fire resistant, but not fire proof. Nevertheless, in the event that they do catch fire, they do not emit toxic fumes and chemicals, which are the major causes of death in residential fires.

Another reason why cork flooring improve safety inside the home is that it is soft thus making it ideal for toddlers. Many parents spend hours trying to find ways to make their homes “baby proof”. Cork floors provide a soft surface for babies to move around on.


Taking care of the environment is a trend that is engulfing the entire population. Eco-friendly products are now being preferred over products that can harm the environment or actually contribute to the destruction of the environment when produced. Cork floors are environmentally friendly from production all the way through installation. They are produced from the bark of cork oak tree. The process of removing the bark from the tree does not harm the tree in any way. Other wood products need the whole tree, which is the primary reason why forests around the world have been destroyed. By installing cork floors, you will definitely contribute to the protection of the environment.

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Modern homes require a perfect combination of beauty and sophistication. Forna Flooring’s coating for wood brings out the beauty of a cork floor - thus making them a product of beauty and sophistication. The coating also provides additional protection from outside elements like UV rays of the sun and water spills by improving the durability of the cork tiles .

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