Cork Flooring – A Great Comeback In The Industry

By: Vikram Kuamr

One of the best green products that have been introduced in the market today is the cork floor.

Homeowners look for different finishes and styles when decorating their homes. Once they research and read about the many benefits of using cork, they look forward to replacing the old carpets and using the new tiles or floating floor planks that are easy to install and maintain. Technology and recent innovations have introduced many solutions for making the home comfortable, stylish and beautiful today. One of the eco-friendly products that are creating a buzz is the cork flooring. Many homes are now doing away with carpets as this type of floor provides the necessary warmth, cushioned effect and style in homes.

QuercusSuber trees or cork oak trees are mainly grown in Portugal, Spain and around the Mediterranean Basin. The Chinese cork oaks are produced from the QuercusVeriabilis trees which are variants of the QuercusSuber trees. The European Oak tree can be harvested when it is about 25 years old and this is repeated every 9 to 12 years. Each harvest can produce nearly 500 kilograms of cork. The difference between the two is that the Asian cork has a slow growth cycle and is denser than the commercial European cork. The Asian Cork Oak can be peeled every 12 – 15 years.

Cork flooring is making a great comeback in the industry. Cork in its natural form has beautiful tones and textures that can be used to create interesting designs and improve the décor in the home. Cork is used both in its raw form as well as finished state. The floor is anti-slippery, durable and easy to clean. It meets many requirements both functional as well as visual that can impress the beholder.

Since it works as an excellent insulator, it can replace the ordinary carpet and prevent accumulation of allergens and dust in the room. One can walk on bare feet in winter and feel the warmth of cork even in the cold. It has over 40 millions cells per cubic centimeter that provides a natural cushion. Elderly people benefit from this type of flooring as it is hygienic and allergen-free. Cork is fire resistant and does not rot or mold. It has the capacity to spring back to its near original shape when a heavy load is removed from the surface.

Check out the distributors in your area and read the reviews before you identify the best supplier. Look for discounts and good service when you wish to use cork floor in your home or commercial complex. Forna offer huge discounts to their customers as well as low shipping rates. They are prompt and reliable and have the interests of their customers at heart. Make sure to measure the size of the rooms and place an order for extra tiles as each batch may have a shade or tone that may not be available the next time around. This is because cork is a natural product and has different grains, textures and tones.

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