Copywriting Hazards, And What to Do about Them

By: Vlad Ehrsam

Copywriting, an essential part of your marketing and advertising strategy, is a great tool when it comes to presenting your Web-site. Especially when your Web writing is good, helpful and appropriate, all of which form the essence of good copywriting.

There are many traps you need to guard against when attempting to write effective copy. To steer clear of irrelevant, fluffy and boring copy, here are some things to avoid.

The More You Say the Better Hazard

Avoid the urge to give unnecessary and irrelevant information. Good copywriting should consist of one main point broken down into several, shorter related points. Concentrate on each point at a time. The pace of your writing should be brisk and fast flowing. Going off at a tangent is a sure way of losing your reader.

Repeating Yourself

Say what? This is a definite copywriting no-no. Make sure you're not saying the same things over and over, to get your message across, as some writers tend to do. It makes your copy redundant. It makes it boring and irks your reader with its harping on the same issue. So remember to say it once, and say it well.

"$20 Words"

These are words that are long and often come across as pretentious. Instead of searching for ways to sound smart, write simply with powerful words that convey your message. Nobody will get what you are saying if you use awkward sentences and long words. Instead it will just confuse readers and give them a reason to stop reading your content.

The Use Clever Language Hazard

Try and stay away from an ornate style of writing. Using unusual words and complex language construction may sound impressive, even creative; but in actual fact, they do little to get your message across more effectively or to add any zing to the flow of your article. Write simply but effectively.

Excessive Modifiers

Too many adjectives are hazardous to copy! They're descriptive words that you use with nouns or verbs, like attractive, powerful, or blue. Words with 'ly' at the end like quickly are also adjectives. Used well, they are effective, but an overdose can divert readers from issues at hand. Saying 'It quickly scans' is better than 'It scans very quickly', for instance. Because the 'very' drags the text. AYou can be effective using one adjective, try 'It gives you amazing prints' or 'It gives you fantastic prints', and not 'It gives you amazingly fantastic prints'. As you can see, the last sentence really doesn't work.

Forms of the Verb "To Be"

The 'be' words, is, was been, are, were etc, all too common in copywriting spell doom for your text. They make your text uninteresting and boring. While you need to use them sometimes, try using active forms often, for copy lively and interesting to read. Writing 'It is a creative tool that animates your Web site' doesn't work as well as 'A creative Web site animation tool'. In this way you can animate your Web site as well, wherever you can.

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