Cool Wave Board Wheels

By: Josh Brennon

Wave board wheels come in many different colors and are specially design for the wave board riding style. Wave board wheels are having constant pressure put on them every second a rider is on top of the board. This is because the ride never has to push off the ground or take his feet off of the board to ride. Wave board wheels are meant to keep you riding long and smoother before your wheels wear down and require you to change them. If you ride your board a lot you may need to change the wheels within three months. If you ride it less your wheels could last from 6 months on. Just make sure to inspect your wheels often to make sure you switch your wheels when needed.

When you change your wheels it feels like a brand new board that rides fast and smooth. The wheels come with sets of new bearings so you get an entire fresh ride when you change the wheels. The wheels are 77mm, 85A wheels. They come in many different colors. The colors include black, which is the most popular, green, red, and pink. Certain wave boards will come with different colored wheels. For instance the hibiscus wave board, which has pink decks, comes with the pink wheels. The California wave board comes with green wheels. The green wave board comes with green wheels, and the checkered and silver boards come with black wheels.

Although the boards come with certain colored wheels you can change them and mix them all you want. Changing wave board wheels is very easy. First you need your new wheels or different colored wheel, which should come with the bearings, and you will need the appropriate tools. The needed tool is generally an allen wrench. Start by opening your new wheels. Insert the bearings into the wheels and set them aside. Remove the bolt and washers holding the old wheel in place on the wave board. Set these aside because you will need the bolt and washer for the new wheels. Remove the old wheels and dispose of them appropriately. Now simply place the new wheels in the same position that the old wheels were in and insert the washers and bolt back in place. Make sure that you tighten the wheels enough; you do not want the wheels coming apart when you are riding. To change wheels only takes a few minutes your first time and after that you will be able to change them in seconds.

Now with fresh wheels and bearings on your boards you have a great new smooth ride, and maybe even a cool new look. Try mixing wheel colors. Put a black and red wheel on the same board, or try a green and pink wheel. You can trade one wheel for one wheel with one of your wave board friends if you would like. What ever color you choose to put on your board always remember to check the wheels often and change them when they need to be changed.

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The cool Wave Board is awesome to ride and the wheels are easy to change when they get worn out. Plan B Skateboards are fun to cruise around on like the wave board, but skateboard wheels do not wear out as fast.

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