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By: Mel Joelle

While Google’s Chrome browser is not yet the Firefox-killer it wants to be, it is rapidly gaining ground on the other major alternative browser, at least in terms of extensions. The Chrome web store where the apps are available for download has many useful apps, that many people would find useful, but like the Mozilla’s add-on site, there is a lot of junk too. Wading through the worthless apps to find the cool ones can be fun if for those who have the time to experiment, but otherwise it is a chore. While different people have different needs when it comes to apps that run in their browser, some things are fairly universal and so, below is a list of the coolest generally useful apps available in the Chrome Web Store.

Read Later Fast

This app combines the functions of a couple of different apps that many users find useful. It is a temporary bookmarking application that saves bookmarks of pages to read later. Unlike other applications that simply provide what is essentially another bookmark folder, Read Later Fast actually stores the page on the computer. This means that once a user bookmarks something using it, it is there in the browser until deleted. Even with no Internet connection it is still possible to access pages saved in this app. The app does not save only the text either, it saves the whole page with images as well. For those who find your average web page to be too busy and distracting, the Read Later Fast app incorporates another feature, that of readability. It provides the option to clear out the graphic clutter on some web pages thus leaving the surfer with clean and simple text in an easy-to-read font.


Full-featured word processing suites are nice. They may offer advanced spellchecking functions like autocorrect or be able to do any number of things that are not necessary for most users. For people who simply need to write something down, or for writers who do not need all of the other stuff that word processing suites may have running in the background, a simple distraction-free text editor like Pillarbox is more than sufficient. The word “simple” should not be taken to mean function-free or barebones. Pillarbox has a timer and a word-counter that can tell a writer when they have reached their desired count.

Angry Birds

The addition of the incredibly popular iPhone game to Chrome has gotten a fair amount of attention. It happens to be the most downloaded app on Chrome. For those people who like the phone version of the game, now they have another opportunity to kill time in their browser-windows as well.


The popular note-taking software now has a Chrome client. This is in addition to all the other platforms on which you can use it. Evernote allows the user to clip a part of a webpage, and save it in the cloud, where it can be accessed from other computers and from a variety of mobile devices.

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