Cooking With the Right Oil Makes Dinner a Delightful Event

By: Rubel Zaman

The favorite method of cooking many foods involves the use of oil in some form. Shortening or lard used to be considered the favorite for deep frying as well as pan frying but they fell out of favor when it was determined to be an extremely unhealthy way to prepare food due to the poor quality fats involved. Vegetable, canola, corn, and olive oil are now the preferred oils for frying. Add in a small amount of truffle oil on top of those frying “basics” and you can soon hear your dinner guests praising your talents and calling you a bit of a gourmet when it comes to food. Truffle oil itself should not be used for frying or where high heat is involved due to its inability to remain true in flavor when heated. Simply add a small sprinkle or drizzle on a bit of olive oil that contains truffles or truffle oil and your cooking skills will be highly praised as you please everyone’s palate with a delectable flavor.

Truffles added to olive oil will create a higher level of palatability

Try adding a bit of truffle to your everyday oil such as olive or vegetable and you will find that savory odor will permeate the dishes it is drizzled over. Either white or black truffles can be added to a high quality olive oil to create that earthy and mushroom like flavor that is so desirable. Truffles can be found around the globe but some areas tend to have a superior mushroom like product that demands a high price. In the 1980’s a commercial blend of truffle oil became popular but previous to that chefs in France and Italy made their own truffle oil by infusing high quality olive oil with tiny shavings of fresh truffle and allowing it steep for a while. Many still do.

How can an “underground growth” be so flavorful?

Similar to mushrooms and having an earthy taste and scent, truffles can be one person’s guilty pleasure and another’s less than favorite additive. Most who appreciate the odor and flavor of truffles will agree that they are quite worth the added cost. And quite often that truffle oil will actually contain little or no actual truffle product and in fact the flavoring is derived from synthetic ingredients. However the aroma and essence of truffle comes about the fact remains it is considered a gourmet addition to many meals from appetizers to entrees and even as an addition to many desserts.

Color of oil not as important as taste

Commonly we find that extra virgin olive oil is a bit darker and perhaps more green in color than regular olive oil. Vegetable oil is usually pale yellow but may be deeper in color if it is a corn oil. Oil may also be clear or somewhat cloudy. Popular with dishes such as truffle fries which are hand cut potatoes fried in a synthetic truffle oil (to keep the flavor true), a bit of Parmesan cheese and added salt and pepper. Many recipes are flavor enhanced with the addition of truffle infused olive oil. Try some added to devilled eggs, whipped up dishes, and many with pasta as the main ingredient.

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