Cooking Stocks: Foundation for Cooking

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Cooking stocks, being the most important foundation for cooking, are also prepared to form the basis of dishes, soups and sauces. Herbs, spices, vegetables, meat, bones, etc., are the common ingredients used for cooking stocks. The classic stock is defined into certain forms that include white stocks, brown stocks, vegetable stocks and fish stocks. When it comes to preparing cooking stocks, a few points are kept in mind; while a few basic rules are prescribed. Stock ingredients are simmered starting with cold water. If stock is boiled, it may be cloudy. Moreover, salt should not be added to a stock.

For food-service operations like restaurants, cafes, bars and catering suppliers, ready-made cooking stocks is the basic requirement. This is because they have to prepare dishes as per the customer requirement and without spending more time. On the other hand, they cannot prepare stocks, sauces and mayonnaise in their kitchen because it is time consuming; while these catering ingredients cannot be stored for more time. There are different types of cooking stocks. Some of the common stocks include:
Chicken Stock and Fish Stock
Ham Stock and Vegetable Stock
Brown Stock (Fond Burn) and Jus
Lamb Stock and Master Stock
Prawn Stock and Veal Stock
White Stock (Fond Blanc)

Fish stock, for instance, is prepared from fish bones to pour or for foundation on different sea food and fish dishes. Chicken stock is considered as the most common stock for the foundation of chicken dishes. Now, bouillons and powders are also sold ready-made by leading catering companies for stocks.

The choice is yours and it also depends on the requirement of the food-service operations, cooking stocks are available in various forms like chicken, beef, veal, poultry, fish, vegetables and the list goes on. You can buy stocks in bulk from an acclaimed store at very affordable prices with some added services and benefits. Today, there are a number of renowned catering supplies companies that have their own processing units for preparing bouillons, powders, sauces, mayonnaise and different cooking stocks. Experienced and skilled chefs at renowned catering supplies companies prepare different types of cooking stocks and other ingredients from all natural ingredients. In order to buy stocks, you have to choose the right supplier and place your order according to your requirements. So what you are waiting for, get delicious cooking stocks for the unique foundation of dishes and cooking.

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