Cooking Recipes- Features Of The Sport Solar Oven!

By: Ronald.Varghese

If in your youth you ever spent a summer weekend on a camping trip with your Boy Scout or Girls Scout trip, you probably learned how to build a solar oven. A solar oven could be made from cardboard boxes, tin foil, tape, newspaper, and scissors. In direct sun, its interior could reach 275 degrees, and do a great job of slowly but completely cooking meats and vegetables, almost the way a crockpot does.

While you may remember those long-ago camping trips with fondness, you may also prefer not having to assemble a solar oven of somewhat fragile materials which can be flattened with a single careless footstep while dinner is simmering inside. So for your next camping trip, why not consider the Sport Solar Oven, made of recycled plastic bottles and bottle caps and aluminum, and insulated to an R 6.5 value with glass fiber-reinforced, waterproof insulation which keeps the steam from your cooking food from escaping the solar oven?

Features Of The Sport Solar Oven

Because the Sport Solar Oven holds moisture, the foods you cook, from fish and meat to vegetables, to bread and cake, to beans and rice stay moist and tender, and because it cooks at such low temperatures, your food will never burn, and will keep its full complement of vitamins and minerals.

The Sport Solar Oven weighs only ten pounds, which is probably less than the bag of charcoal you would bring along to the campground so that you could use the barbecue. Having the Sport Solar Oven also means that you can select a picnic spot wherever you want, as long as you have a spot with sun exposure.

Even better, the Sport Solar Oven is designed to let you take full advantage of the available sunlight no matter the time of year. It can cook in two distinct positions; at a sixty degree slant when the sun is lower to the horizon in winter, and at a thirty degree slant in the summer. And because it is designed with a low canter of gravity, it remains stable on uneven terrain and in windy conditions.

The Sport Solar Oven is designed to cook in two positions: on its back at a 60-degree slant for a lower angle sun, (winter) and upright at a 30-degree slant for direct, overhead sun, (summer). Two cooking pots are included with the oven, and you donít even need to add any extra liquids to your food.

Helping Feed The World

The Sport Solar Oven is produced by the Solar Oven Society, a nonprofit organization which uses part of the proceeds from the sales of the ovens to provide them to poor countries, in which cooking fuel is at a premium and deforestation is a serious environmental threat.

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