Cooking Perfect BBQ Chicken

By: Robert Thomson

Everyone loves a good BBQ over the summer holidays dont they and shouldnt they. Barbequing is not only a great way to socialize with your close friends and family but its also a very healthy and not forgetting extremely tasty way of cooking your food.

Now everyone knows you can BBQ a lot of different meats on the summer grill including pork, steak, lamb, fish and chicken but one thing most people have in common is not being able to get there BBQ chicken just right.

Chicken on the BBQ is one of the best meals of the summer if you can master it, does tough dry chicken straight from the grill remind you of anything...thought so!

So what can you do to get the best BBQ chicken you have always wanted to do to impress your friends and family well to the totally honest its really simple things that make the biggest differences.

One of the biggest rules you need to follow is cooking at a low heat, chicken is a very lean meat not like you porks and steaks which ooze fat so you need to keep your chicken breasts out of the main BBQ heat and away from the flames as this will allow them to cook through whilst keeping their natural moisture.

Try to keep all the chicken you are barbequing the same size, for instants keep all the breasts the same thickness, if some are thicker then dont be afraid to pound them a few times with a rolling pin to match the others, keep your thighs, legs and wings all the same as each other or as close as possible.
When you have got similar sized chicken you need to make sure to put them all on the grill at the same time which will make it easier on you cooking them as they are cooking as "one meat" really and they will all be read at the same time.

Now the big one that everyone always worries about and that how long to BBQ your chicken for, you have got to remember there are a lot of things that you have to factor in when cooking on the grill for instance chicken size/thickness, grill temperature and even the marinade your cooking in.

A good rule to follow for cooking time is 3-6 minutes each side depending on the heat of the BBQ and where the chicken is placed, now this is just a guidance and you need to keep an eye on it and check carefully but this should help you in the right direction. Another way to check that you chicken is cook is it will be firm to touch and the meat in the center should be bright white and the juices will run clear with no sign of blood, and that is how you know for sure that your chicken is cooked.

This may seem a daunting task cooking great tasting chicken on the BBQ but the more you do it the better you will become and you just need to relax and enjoy the whole learning experience and soon your will have fantastic grilled chicken that your whole family will love.

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