Convince a Child Santa is Real with a Santa Call and a Santa Evidence Kit

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One of the major drawbacks of life in today’s world is the fact that children grow up too fast. Belief in Santa Claus is one of the aspects of childhood that is usually first to go. Promoting the belief in Santa is one of many things parents do for their children. Several methods exist to accomplish this, but two of the best are a Santa call and a Santa evidence kit.

A call from Santa Claus will go a long way in promulgating the belief in him in most children. Children do not normally receive many phone calls as a rule. Since they are usually a special event to begin with, calls from Santa Claus will be especially well accepted.

Many different suppliers offer a Santa call as one of their Christmas services. These can be handled live, or through carefully scripted prerecorded programs that are highly interactive. The best Santa calls are made by a real live person with a jolly voice who sounds like Santa Claus. These cost a little more than prerecorded calls, but they are much more realistic and personal. A live Santa call can be arranged in advance to take place at a specified time so the parents can arrange to ensure the child is present. They share some personal information about the child with the service provider so that when the call is received, the child will be convinced of its authenticity.

Prerecorded Santa calls can be prearranged much less expensively than live calls. Using sophisticated computer software and carefully scripted phrases, a prerecorded Santa call can be made to sound very realistic. Older children might not be as easily fooled by a prerecorded call. The necessary pauses while the software switches between phrases can be detected if a child is skeptical enough to pay close attention.

A Santa evidence kit is another way to help children believe in the reality of Santa Claus. Such a kit consists of several different pieces that can appear to have been dropped accidentally. While it is possible to build a Santa evidence kit at home, there is always the chance that a child will recognize some of its components. A commercially supplied Santa evidence kit will contain pieces designed to appear realistic. A child will be very likely to believe that Santa took off a glove to eat a cookie and forgot to pick it up, or that he lost his glasses. Another good touch would be for the license plate to fall off of the sleigh outside the house. These are, of course, just some examples of the type of thing that can be in a Santa evidence kit.

As parents, we all want our children to be able to hold onto their childhood as long as possible. One aspect of childhood that we encourage is the belief in Santa Claus and all he stands for. Arranging for a child to receive a phone call from Santa and planting evidence of his visit are two ways to help keep children believing as long as possible. These will add to the child’s enjoyment of Christmas as well.

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