Convenience - Your 'Sweetener' To Setting Up Your Own Online Freelancing Business!

By: Billy Powell

With times making it so hard to find jobs, freelancers are willing to work hard and exert effort to earn as much as they can just to be competitive on the internet. But people would always opt for a more convenient position in life, so here are a couple of things that will keep your clients less stressed and happier:
1. Keep it simple. Keep your clients away from as much processing as possible. Only require them to do things when it is necessary and make it as easy for them as possible, especially for the application process of new members. Don't make them click and type when you can do it for them. And if you must require them of something, make them understand that such act is highly necessary for their well being as clients.
2. Expand your scope. Be versatile. Even if you cater to a specific type of want or service, people who avail of them will always have special needs or differing situations that will make them require different things on different levels in order to function. People might prefer different types of online payment solutions or they might pay or buy with different types of credit card companies. Try to work with other companies by establishing lots of affiliations and partnerships to show that everyone is welcome to transact in your website.
3. Always offer help. Don't forget that no matter how easy you make it for everyone, people will always have questions. Always keep your website's contact hotline clear and possible for everyone to access whenever they need help. If possible, make your entire customer support service available in real time and 24 hours a day. Answer complaints fast and efficiently, and always be open to customer suggestions.
4. Be fast. Speed is an important element to convenience. Never delay your customers or clients unless it is unavoidable necessary to do so. For example, only delay transactions when it is intended for the security of the clients, and keep the delay as short as possible.
5. Be available. Just like your online customer support, make sure all services are available always. Shut down services temporarily only when they are for maintenance purposes. And if you must temporarily disable certain privileges, explain clearly why you had to and when it will be back again - and keep that promise. Also, don't shut down all the services in one time, do maintenance on different parts of the group in turns regularly.
Make it convenient for your clients as much as possible. If you make them feel that they are working less for more, they will definitely keep coming back.

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