Continuous ink supply systems Ė what should you know?

By: George Velvet

A continuous ink supply system (CISS) is a simple technology that ensures that you are able to print for a longer time at lesser cost. This system ensures continuous supply of ink to your printer so that you donít need to run to the market every other day to buy your printer ink. Before you go any further I would like to tell you from experience that quality matters a lot in continuous ink supply systems. If you opt for the cheap Chinese products you are most likely not going to get the value for money you are looking at.

There are usually two ways a normal ink cartridge works. In some cartridges there is a minute air hole through which air comes in and this helps in dispensing ink to the print head. In some other cartridges there are inflatable bags that dispense the ink. The size of these bags decreases each time they dispense ink. Printers like HP and Brother use such bags. While Brother Printers come with plastic bags HP Printers usually have Mylar bags.

In the continuous ink supply system a different system is at work. In the continuous ink supply systems the ink is drawn into the print heads. You can compare this process with that of a siphon. Remember the old fountain pens where you used a siphon to draw ink in? The same way it works in a CISS.

How is the continuous ink supply systems value for money? Ink cartridges are usually quite expensive compared to their small sizes. In the continuous ink supply system there is a whole reservoir or tank of ink. This tank is attached to your printer and whenever there is ink requirement in the printer head it is drawn in. People that use the CISS system have been able to save up to 95% of their cost on ink cartridges. This is why itís value for money. Then there is the matter of saving time. If time is worth money to you then CISS is a system should definitely feature in your investment plan.

Yes, there are issues with continuous ink supply systems. There are times when the flow of ink is not consistent and this hampers the print quality. There are times when the ink starts leaking, thus reducing the value of the system. Sometimes poor ink quality damages your printer print head and this then becomes an additional cost as you get the print head repaired. This is why you should never compromise on the quality of your continuous ink supply system.

Some of the manufacturers of the continuous ink supply system, InkLink for example, have perfected the art of manufacturing these systems. They use high quality gauge silicon tubes and ink low on alcohol. This takes care of blockages and damages. The continuous ink supply systems from these top manufacturers like InkLink actually offer you value for money. Read some of the online reviews about InkLink and you will have a fair idea of what Iím talking about here.

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With the continuous ink supply system printing becomes cost efficient. But of the many continuous ink supply systems available in the market only a handful give you value for money.

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